CLICKEYbits Tall Fidget Clicky Switch Testersearch

CLICKEYbits Tall Fidget Clicky Switch Tester

CLICKEYbits Tall Fidget Clicky Switch Tester

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Just got mine, the build quality on these are really solid, it has a nice heft, and I love that it came in a lil gacha ball. Also they shipped out two weeks earlier, so that was a great surprise!
Seriously? This reminds me of "Portal 2" Steam game.
This is amazing!! <3 I have the fidgit cube and digit spinner. :3

Just a quick clarification. Do these come with the keys?
I won a few at Keycon, they are definitely worth the price.
It would be better if there was a different switch on each side, in my opinion.
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You can buy a wide variety of these, in many configurations, including an assemble your own option, directly from the clickeybits site.

For what it's worth, I bought the clear tester, and it's really nice. But, for fidgeting, nothing is better than a heavy clickey switch on all the faces. Kind of like messing about with a retractable ball point pen.

On the other hand, the clickeybits clear tester is super handy for tossing to a co-worker or friend who doesn't know the first thing about mechanical switches and saying, "here ya go, tell me which one you like best."

I met the owner of Clickeybits at KeyCon 2018 and he's a super nice guy. The device itself is very well made and will not come apart. I give it a solid thumbs up! I'm happy to see this featured on MassDrop.
I love clicking pens lol... but I like linear switches. Reason I would want different switches on each side for exactly what you said which would be being able to fidget while also being able to have something to show other people the differences between different switches.
So just to be clear, you can take out the switch and put yours in right?
Nope, they're glued in with superglue. If you want a disassembled, build your own option, go to
Thanks a lot!
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