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Clueboard 66% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Clueboard 66% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Hey everyone,
Apologies for the overdue update on this drop. We have been working with Clueboard on a firm ship date and have several updates for all of you:
For those of you that have received a single switch, we have resorted our inventory and kitted the switches correctly. They will be ready to ship by end of next week. Sorry about the mistake, this was a miscommunication between us and our warehouse on how the drop was set-up.
As for all the Clueboard components (case, pcb, plate, GMK keycaps), Clueboard is aiming for a firm ship date of 12/31.
The delays were unexpected for both Clueboard and Massdrop, and Clueboard is working with the factory on perfecting and finishing some of the components. If for some reason the boards are not able to be shipped by 12/31, we will unfortunately need to cancel and refund the drop. At that point, we’ll follow-up with options for the drop participants to decide how you all would like to move forward based on the information we have.
If you do not wish to wait, please reach out to our community support team via your transaction page, we will get the cancellation and refund sorted out for you. Regardless, we are issuing everyone who participated in this drop a $20 Massdrop credit. We’re sorry for the delay and poor communication on this drop - it’s obviously not a situation anyone wants to be in. (The credit will be added in the next 24 hours and automatically be applied on your next purchase on the check-out page)
Thank you everyone for being super patient and supportive, and apologies (many many many times) for the delay and lack of updates up until now.
Our Community Support team will also send out an update regarding this matter via Email.
NEXT UPDATE: On or by 12/18
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I’d rather wait for the original product. Than wait and have it cancelled. By giving us a final date it’s almost like it’s expected.
I never got any sort of credit, so that was a wasted apology. I wouldn't place another on this site if I was paid to do it.
Will this drop again? Thank you.
Any ideas when the next drop will be?
Hi Everyone,

Many of you had had problems with stabilizer clearance. I've got a pretty good handle on what happened and have written a post about it here:

TL;DR: You will be receiving a part to correct this problem in a few weeks.

I apologize for this. I know this hasn't been the smoothest drop but I'm committed to solving this problem.

As always you can ask me questions here, in the reddit post above, or through our support channels:
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Could you provide us shipping information?
Until now i've not received a repair kit. And because i've moved to a different address i guess there will be no repair kit arriving any time soon. Could you provide the files so that i can use a laser cutter and make the necessary parts myself?
I got the board back in December but I'm still waiting on the switches. I'm hoping it shows up soon, I contacted support about when it might be delivered but they don't know either.
Why there is no Clueboard in black color?
Looks like my keyboard was delivered to an unknown address in Texas? Somehow missed the delivery email until today. I don't even think I've been to Texas... Posting here for visibility in addition to my support request, because this is a new one by me? Anxious about what is going to happen with such limited supply.
I just received my package but it was missing the keycaps. Everything else seems to be correct.
Did you get your switches?
I received the switches and everything else. Just no keycaps.
skullY I have received my case and PCB last week, so regarding that, everything is fine.
But i either I'm stupid or there is an issue with the stabilizer positioning in the PCB/Plate for the 2x2u split space config.
The cutouts on the plate for the stabilizer wires are in the bottom (south facing) but the mounting holes in the PCB indicate that those stabs should be mounted facing north.
So I put everything together (with Holtites, luckily) and around the 2u spacebars it really seems to not fit properly. The gap between the PCB and paste is bigger than it should be and the stabilizers (even clips and lubed) do have some serious resistance and don't move smoothly.
Any suggestions on what to do about that?
Heya, come find me on my Slack, we can talk through this and figure out how to fix it. There's a link to it on our support page:
I've just received my case, but no PCB – is this expected?
That would be my bad when packing. Send us an email and we can rectify that-
Y'all have sent the PCB now, thank you!
Anyone still waiting for the switch portion of this drop to ship? Received my case and pcb last week, but no word at all on the switches
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I've reached out to my contact at Massdrop logistics to ask about that.
Much appreciated :)