Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)search

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)

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Turn the Key

Tired of modern keyboards promoting more flash and bang than actual performance, Weyman Kwong (from WASD Keyboards) and Jeff Atwood came together to design the Code Keyboard. A no nonsense mechanical keyboard built for utility, it earns a space at your computing station through simple style and unmatched function. 

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)

Note: At checkout you will have your choice of MX Brown Full Size, MX Clear TKL/Full Size, or MX Green TKL/Full Size.

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)

Cap to Bottom Class

The base of any proper board is the key switches, and this version of the Code comes loaded with your choice of Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Green switches, or MX Clear switches. Clear switches are one of the rarest varieties of switches, and are often described as "stiffer Cherry MX Browns." They are the favored switch of programmers and office workers, since they provide an incredible typing experience, aren't incredibly loud, and have increased resistance after their actuation point to prevent bottoming out. The Greens boast the actuation force of IBM spring switches with the tactile click that can be found on the Cherry MX Blue switch. The next layer features white LED backlighting—available in seven brightness levels—to illuminate your ABS plastic keys. The legends themselves were printed in classic Helvetica. If you’re key-mashing, you’re good for six-key rollover using USB interface, or N-key rollover with PS/2.

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)


Underneath all that function, the board is supported by a steel backplate, dual layer PCB joints, and larger rubber pads to keep your keyboard intact and in place. The minimalist case itself has a textured surface, keeping away fingerprints, scratches, and other dirt. Finally, if all that wasn’t enough for you, a row of DIP switches on the bottom allows you customize the keyboard setup to exactly your preferences. Even better, onboard memory will remember your preferences for the next time you plug in.

Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)
Code Keyboard (Full Size/Tenkeyless)


  • 104 key/ 87 key
  • Cherry MX Brown, Clear, or Green switches
  • USB/PS2 interface
  • NKRO via PS2, 6-Key Rollover via USB
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • ABS case and keycaps
  • Designed and customized in the USA
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 104 key: 445 x 142 x 30 mm (17.5 x 5.6 x 1.2 in)
  • 104 key: 1098 g (2.42 lbs)
  • 87 key: 363 x 142 x 30mm (14.3 x 5.6 x 1.2 in)
  • 87 key: 907g (2.0 lbs)


  • 70.8 in (179.83 cm) micro USB cable with cable strap


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Estimated ship date is Dec 8, 2015 PT.

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