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Oh man no 104/full-size option. Thank god, I just got in the V2 last week and had actually been slightly more inclined towards the Code, and almost lost my mind.
Just received mine from the last drop (Toronto).
I went with clears out of curiosity and I think it's going to take some getting used to coming from using a varmilo 87 with browns. They are a lot stiffer than I expected but I'm going to stick with it for a bit. I'm okay with the main keys but for whatever reason the backspace just feel *too* stiff. I've but o-rings on the keys already to help with sound and travel distance as well.
My main issue now is that he board is a lot thicker than my previous board and my palm rest feels too short when using this board. I'm currently using a book that's about an inch think and it is a lot more comfortable. Does anyone have any recommendation for palm rests that come that thick? Preferably a solid wood rest as I find them easiest to clean and maintain.
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Yeah, it can be hard to find the right feel. There's just so much out there.
If you think greens are heavy you'd probably hate my board ;)
My KB is Topre and I've got aftermarket domes installed to give it a really heavy tactile bump right at the start of the keystroke. I think its feels incredible because I type fairly hard and it just goes with my style, I guess. It's a very unique feel, but definitely not for everyone.
Can it be obtained with Swiss-French keycaps or is this a USA-only offer?
Waiting for the day they make this wireless.
My first mechanical keyboard. Fingers are thankful for not smashing them against the aluminium Apple keyboard anymore :)
Yep! WASD Code is good(not perfect bud good) but Apple chiclet keyboards is crap. totally. In my previous job give this Apple keyboard chance, but this keyboard is crap. Cheap Dell bussines class keyboard is better much better.
I think last good Apple keyboard was Apple Extended keyboard II
What was lowest price of drop plz?
Mine arrived today. Been typing on it for a couple of hours and I already love it. Much needed upgrade from Ajazz AK33. Thanks, Massdrop! :)
Please, make a drop with blank keys :)
Don't wait buy this (or WASD V2 if you not needed backlight) and buy blank keyset from SP. GMK, vortex PBT or so. the original keyscaps is not so good.
Heh, Tek Syndicate video in the description.
Does this come with a USB-C connector? I like to keep stuff on my desk updated.
No way ...
No reds? Bah.
Got this from the Nov 2017 Drop. Said to arrive on January 2018. Got mine Yesterday. Totally got it by surprise.
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It's brighter than my Masterkey Pro S. I can't even use this on max settings. It's that bright. Can't really say on behalf of the rest to be fair with you. But never had a device where an LED has burnt out. Unless it was overloaded.
I have has a CODE keyboard for 2 or 3 years now and the back lights don't fade or fail. I use this keyboard at work on a machine that during the week is never off. When its on max brightness even in a bright room your keys will still be back lit, if you take a keycap off you looking at the led it makes you want to look away.
I have one of these with Cherry MX Greens - it was my first foray into mechanical keyboards other than a multitude of IBM Model Ms. It's great.
Why does this keyboard look so similar to the Coolermaster masterkeys pro S keyboard
Well this one came before that one just so you know.
This board in MX Clear was my very first mechanical keyboard. Used it as a daily driver at work quite sucessfully. Eventually I learned Dvorak and I was thankful ths board had a Dvorak (as well as Colemak) mode. Aesthetically speaking, the lack of "Win" / OS-specific identifier on the super key was a plus for me, because I tend to use a variety of OSes. As the main pic for the drop suggests, there is a mode for changing the OS key to act like the OS X Command key.
active soon? i can't wait.
requested and hope we can buy it soon.
Received mine and I've been using it for a couple of days. I got clear keys, and they're really tiring to type on right now but I suspect that is largely because I'm not stopping soon enough after the key actuates. Build quality is 10/10 though!
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Oh I dunno. Probably! Make sure you request the drop. :) Also you can go directly to and pick one up - honestly the price difference isn't that great at all.
Well looks like it is now.
Has anyone from Australia received it yet?
Anyone have any experience with the ship date. Is it actually going be sept 11 or could it possibly be early/later? Thanks
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Nope, still at the customs. But the KB should be here any day now. And I have no Kailhs, I have various Cherry, Gateron, Outemu but no Kailhs. At some point I plan to get a batch of 90 Kailh Copper switches for the Teamwolf Zhuque+ but for now Outemu Purple are the ones I am using on that board.
Anyway, I am also curious on how the QMX clips will fit on plate mounted switches.
Yeah, I would love to know how those clips work on various switches. I already know they're supposed to work on Cherry and Gaterons.
I want to get PBT backlit keycaps for this (preferably white), but it is so hard to get it in Australia. Does anyone have any recommendation?
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I bought the $40 vortex pbt doubleshot backlit keycaps and put them on it. I ended up taking them off because they didn't light up great and putting the abs back on. The pbt looked yellowish and some keys were fully lit up, while the stock ones look a crisp white. It is also useful that the stock keycaps have the function icons on the side so you don't need to memorize what to click to change things like brightness. The stock keycaps feel great, so I will just wait to replace them when they get the gloss and warn, as abs typically do.
WASD also does PBT keys, and you can buy this keyboard and cap set on their site, they ship everywhere anyway
I really love my Code keyboard tenkeyless with clears and o-rings. Getting it was a challenge as Amazon twice botched my order. Gave up and ordered from WASD with a local pickup to ensure no more shipping damage. The keyboard has been rock solid reliable for 2 years now. The adjustable illumination is very nice to get just the light level you need. I'm a bit envious of others with their RGB back lit keys, but none of them have the clears which I prefer for my typing style. Why no o-rings option for this drop?!?
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@skabei, I ordered mine directly from WASD with the o-rings. I'm a very forceful typist, so the extra dampening is a good thing for me and anyone nearby. Just like anything else here, customization is the most wonderful thing as you can get what you prefer. I'd never say o-rings are a must have, but they are a great option for the right folks IMHO.
Codes through Massdrop do not come with O-Rings
Is it my just my imagination or is the bezel width on the right edge of the keyboard wider than the left?
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Thanks. That is weird.
That triggers my OCD.
This GB has no ISO option while the WASD site does have one. Why?
I just received my code keyboard but noticed there are no o-rings under the keycaps...weren't these supposed to have o-rings to dampen the noise?
In wasd homepage you can select o-ring as an option but here you can't
Just received my board. Looks and works great. Feels just like my full sized WASD Code from a couple years ago which I've been using every day since then.
Getting this sweet keyb in cherry brown. I hope it lives up to my hype.
Waited 2 months to receive a broken keyboard. The package the keyboard came in was clearly smashed. Smashed so hard that you can see imprints of the keys from OUTSIDE the box.
Time to RMA and wait another 2 months for a refund! Very disappointed.
Edit: There is a noticeable ping with each keypress. It is much more pronounced when you bottom out. I might not be the best person to give testimonial, my board came smashed. Just figured I'd do something with the thing before I sent it back.


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You can usually reduce the ringing noise by putting a baffle in the case. Cotton wool, a cut out mouse pad, even a thick bit of cardboard does wonders. Personally, I just buy a large, cheap, foam style mouse pad and cut out the correct shape to make it fit on the bottom of the case.
where are u?
Hi everyone, I just received my Code keyboard today. But I realize the ping noise/sound is a quite annoying/noticeable. For every stroke it makes the 'ding' sound. The ping is existing on all the keys. I wonder whether it's happening to me or everyone else. Please advise.
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I don't have this MK, but I fear most MK in this price range with this build quality have only plates with classic MX cutouts so you have to desoldering switches to open them.
Many of the more expensive MKs or DIY Kits have a plate with MX specific cutout which allows for switch opening without desoldering from the PCB.
I passed on the WASD v2 and CODE last weeks because of too many ping issues ...
I managed to actually dampen the sound of the ping by adding some shelf liner to the bottom of the case. It's actually helped quite a bit, and really the more you type on it the better you will become at not bottoming out, therefore not pinging when you type. Honestly, the pinging is only on larger keys such as the spacebar, enter, or backspace. Smaller keys really don't have the issue as much.
How much approximately is shipping to Australia?
You can see when you click "Join drop" and then select the country. It shows $17,25 for me. Australia ofc.