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Cold Steel Recon 1 Mini CTS XHP Folding Knives

Cold Steel Recon 1 Mini CTS XHP Folding Knives


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I never got a knife. I waited for an eternity they shipped me a knife it was unable to be delivered so it was Returned to Sender. Massdrop said there are no more knives available so they issued me a refund and apologized. What a BUMMER!!!
I noticed sometimes when this happens it due to customs if you're outside the USA.
So since it seems nobody is in the UK and wants to do an exchange, I'm going to be in the US July 17-Aug 1. I could bring my clip point with me and exchange it with one of you that has a Tanto and wanted a Clip point. Any takers?
If any of you that received a tanto instead of a clip point are in the UK let me know. I wanted the tanto and was sent a clip. I'll gladly trade ya.
I should have known Cold Steel would give us garbage service and garbage knives with how long it was taking. I ordered the clip point and got a tanto as well. Looks like this is a big problem, yet again... Massdrop, you need to get on top of your quality control! It's out of control in a big way. My third bad experience in the last 2 months. Won't be ordering anything for a while...
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Two months with constant pressure for a big order would pretty much guarantee failure to some extent on their end. But it ultimately comes down to whoever at Massdrop filled the envelopes with receipts and labels for CLIP POINT knives and stuffed TANTO knives in there with them.. in my example. But on Cold Steel's end.... Mine feels like a $20 Kershaw. Really sticky action and super hard to open and close. For a knife that usually sells a fair bit higher, you'd think they would put in more effort to make it good. My first and final experience with Cold Steel
They've always kinda been like that, takes some time to break them in. I still haven't even received shipping confirmation
I send them the photo (proof) of their bungle and obviously they don't have stock to replace and advise me to return it for a refund. Took them more than 2 months to ship my order and they expect me to trust them with an RMA?! Guess I'm keeping the tanto and dream of the clip point
Well after nearly two months of waiting USPS tracking says package out for delivery and then? undeliverable..Return to Sender.. lovely
I guess you got mine...
(info forwarded to massdrop support)
"I ordered this knife in April and you sent me the wrong model! I ordered the clip Point and you shipped me the tanto! I am very disappointed. Not only this shipment but prior shipments. I thought would let you guys slide, but I guess that's my fault for not bringing it up. And to think I thought it was a good thing it shipped my birthday weekend, only to have you guys let me down again. Please advise. If I send this back, what kind of shipping time am I looking at for the proper model?"
Arcanum: what did they say to you?
Received CSR1 mini today, unfortunately it was not the one I ordered, did anyone else get the wrong blade? I ordered Tanto and got Clip point. Not happy, they had a 50/50 chance of getting it right by putting them in blind.
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Have you contacted Massdrop for a replacement?
yes i have
Is this normal? We should get refunded at this point
46 days and...
I wish they'd at least tell us why this is taking so long
What's the deal? Still no shipping update?!
9 days and still hasnt shipped....
Any minute now....