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CoolerMaster G750M Modular PSU

CoolerMaster G750M Modular PSU

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Consider the price range of this buy is too good to be true for their claims. It's either buy or don't buy. It's always good to get more information on a PSU like this based on what happens to anyone who bought it and the person says what happened to their PC.

It's always good to go with a reliable PSU manufacturer with Gold / Platinum rating with fully Modular. It might seem silly to others but it's always good to be safe than sorry.

CoolerMaster does atleast deserves a chance to get opinions of what's good, bad, or ugly.
What can they improve on what they make.
Would just spend a little extra and get a EVGA G2
PSU is one thing you don't want to skimp on when building a good pc. Ive had way to many crap out on me over the years because i was a tight ass now im rocking a corsair 860i and have never had a issue in 3 year of use.
At Newegg, $94.99 but with a $25 rebate, so $69.99. Free shipping.
The rating of a power supply (gold, silver, etc... ) is a measure of how efficient it is. A higher rating means less electricity is lost to heat. It has nothing to do with the wattage. This is a gross generalization but, for most people, 500 or 600 watts is more than enough. Why even get 750w if you don't need it? A little extra never hurts and the additional cost is very small. This is a great deal for a 750w PS and I plan to get one for the next system I am building.
There is another answer for why to get 750W if you don't need it; PSUs typically operate at peak efficiency at around 50% load. More info at
if it was gold or platinum i would definatly buy.
but bronze 750...come on..
if you build a system that requires 750w you need gold or plat.
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Gold or Platinum ratings say nothing about quality of the capacitors and components used inside a PSU. Voltage regulation is pretty much everything in a PSU. More than likely this uses Crapxon capacitors which are pretty much crap as that's why they are nicknamed Crapxon.

My honest opinion would be to stay away from this PSU and spend another $20 and go with a much more solid PSU like the SuperNova G2 series or Corsair RM series. You can easily Google the JonnyGuru review and breakdown of the G650M model which is pretty much the same thing. They use the questionable Capxon capacitors which have been known to be crap and have a higher failure rate. You need Japanese caps if you want a good PSU. For most computer setups you can easily run them with a good quality 550W PSU as anything more is just a waste.

CWT (Channel Well Technology) makes some pretty good PSU (namely some of the older Thermaltake ToughPower series) but unfortunately this is probably not one of them due to cost cutting by CoolerMaster you get crappy Capxon capacitors instead of Japanese capacitors. It's not worth the money and headaches even with the 5 year warranty as it will cost you more to ship and re-ship for replacement then to actually just pay $20 more for a better quality PSU. Funny enough this offering on MassDrop only comes with a 3 year warranty. I would just skip out on this PSU as it's not worth the future headaches when much better PSUs can be had for not much more.

JonnyGuru reviews for those interested:
its more efficient and less prone to damage the rest of your system. he is saying that if you put the money down to build a beefy system you should also get a PSU that wont mess it up.
For a budget PSU I always go with EVGA, they haven't let me down so far.
From the pictures this PSU is semi-modular, not fully modular.
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