Corsair Hybrid Gaming Headset w/Dolby 7.1 USBsearch

Corsair Hybrid Gaming Headset w/Dolby 7.1 USB

Corsair Hybrid Gaming Headset w/Dolby 7.1 USB

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I joined the drop but was told a few days afterwards that they hadd discontinued the product. I was monetarily reimbursed, but no one can give me back my wasted time ;(
I strongly suggest not joining the drop yet. I ordered it back in June, where the shipment was set to send at 5th of July. Havent seen any confirmation that it has been send, nor gotten anything yet.
This headset is $20 cheaper on amazon
Don't buy it here, and wait a couple weeks for the same unit.
The white version is $79.99 as well
I have a pair of these up for grabs. Only used for a week.
How is it?
headphones are pretty good if you got wireless ones, its helpful however, mic lock is getting worn fast, and mic flying max down or max up. Its not a bad product but have it's own problems.
its $20 cheaper on amazon
This headset is total shit. Bought it for my nephew almost a year ago, and quickly returned it to Best Buy. The audio is pretty piss poor, and there was a constant feedback heard. I saw too many people online with the same issues.

Corsair has some great products on the market, but this headset is not one of them.
Mine works perfectly, but I might gotten lucky.

They are really comfortable for gaming for long periods of time and the sound is quite good.
You can buy a wireless version on Amazon for the same price...
So, shipment the 5th of July and now it's the 27th. Can we have some communication here??

Otherwise I want a refund on this.
On description page shipment date is July 5, 2017 PT. But i still didn't informed about tracking number or shipment introduction. Is this delay is normal?

Or what is the news about shipment?
I was part of this drop previously when it was $125, I believe. Just wanted to let everyone know, this headset is crap. If you don't care about sound quality or wanting some RGB lights, then go right ahead. But as far as sound quality, this headset is, again, crap. I ended up having to purchase another set (HyperX Cloud Revolver) and love those way more than the Void RGB USB. If using audio jack is not possible, then you should definitely look into the HyperX Cloud Revolver S. It comes with its own Surround Sound card and connects via USB. It got great reviews while the Void RGB USB reviews are crap. I've attached a picture of the review from PCGamer's (Used to be MaximumPC) website ( Avoid this drop/headset if you can.

Also, if you MUST have this headset, you can certainly get it from anywhere else for the same price and have it in a few days rather than weeks or months.
I found both headsets the same crap level audio. I ended up on a Corsair like these, but has the standard earphone jack, so I could plug it into my SB Go. Sounds far better like that. Having said that the build quality on these is good in general. However, I did find that the volume button when pushed all the way up causes it to play in mono, instead of if there's some kind of mechanical issue.
Why didn't they ask for the wireless version?
Is there any way to extend this? I dont get paid untill friday?
I never had a problem with my the 7.1 worked well only thing i didnt like is the cord wasnt detachable so when the cord shat out on me i had to replace the whole headset instead of just a while cable like my Logitech g633
That commercial is such a load of bs. These are comfortable enough, but I have some that won't go full volume without going mono. This was about a month into using them. Their build is OK. The surround sound is crap.
Huh...Same problem here.
just now on corsair website:
It's back up to $79.99.