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Craft A Brew Wine-Making Kit

Craft A Brew Wine-Making Kit

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Make 5 Bottles of Delicious Wine From Scratch

You don’t have to be a master vintner to make wine on your own. In fact, with this comprehensive kit, you get everything you need to make a merlot, cab, pinot or chardonnay from scratch—all you need is a couple weeks and some dedication. Included in the kit is a large container, funnel, racking cane, transfer tubing, airlock, and all the ingredients. The merlot is from the famous Maipo Valley region of Chile, renowned for its ripe cherry flavor; the cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley, is a deep, full-bodied wine with intense aroma and flavor; the Italian Pinot Grigio is dry in character with a pleasant zip of acidity; and the Australian chardonnay is supple and lingers on the palate with layers of toast and spice. No matter what you choose, the kit has a detailed guide to ease you along.

Note: At checkout, choose Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, or Chardonnay.

How the Process Works


  • Makes five 750 ml bottles of wine


  • Glass carboy
  • Funnel
  • Racking cane
  • Rubber stopper
  • Transfer tubing
  • Tubing clamp
  • Airlock
  • A Guide to Making Wine
  • Yeast, oak and additives
  • 5 Zork closures
  • Sanitizer


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