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Craftsman 182 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman 182 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

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It would be awesome if they offer a straight metric set. I don't use any SAE.
I didn't open mine yet and I'm a little bitter about this drop considering the ratchet set just got a renegotiated price drop. I know that this set was out of production and a direct price comparison could not be made, but this set was once available much cheaper at Sears and the newer model with more pieces is cheaper now. MD never even offered an explanation why a.) these were limited to 9 units, and b.) how the price was justified considering the other options.
I received two 7mm sockets instead of a 9mm. Which leaves me with 1 missing socket in the top drawer. Has anyone else had similar issues?
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How much was this set? I am kinda mad it was only 9 units, by the time I recieved the email it was sold out.
199.99 and $20 shipping.
Looks like Amazon has the 182 pc set for $189.99 with $20 shipping. Ten bucks less, but it is a third party seller, not Amazon directly.
I don't see the 20 metric hex keys and I only see 12 sae hex keys. Photos show 39 tools, 27 tools, 75 tools = 141 tools + 1 tool box and 3 drawers puts you at 145, not 185...either bad write up, bad photography, or bad marketing, regardless it all equals bad counting.
My conspiracy mind is starting to think Craftsman had 9 of these sitting around in some warehouse and contacted MD to get rid of their old stock before they filed their taxes or something.

If these are discontinued and a new model exists with more parts, this one should be significantly discounted. I'm having trouble finding the upside in paying more for less. Massdrop pls respond.
Not really a conspiracy - that's one of massdrop's primary method of 'making money' - boutique sales and unique offerings (ala ergodox) is another. It's no real secret, and certainly not a conspiracy. They're sometimes the cheapest offering in town, and other times not so much.
Not such a great deal. On there's a 185 pc for 149.99
I just did a google search and I'm finding this set listed online from $50 to $150. had it for $114 with free shipping a coupel of months ago. $199 is actually the most expensive I can find it for.

Here is 311pc with no toolbox for $189.99:
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Yeah, and they are lifetime warranty anyway, so the only real difference is the few extra tools and ratchet profile of the discontinued set. Not sure why they would run this drop then and only 9 units. Odd.
And charge $50 more.
Okay so after a quick Google search on this set, the first standout thing is that it is no longer available new anywhere that I can see. Second it has great reviews other than the occasional gripe with the trays. As far as the price goes it seems this WAS available at a time cheaper, but on special at Sears. Right now I can pick one up in Danbury, CT for $25 but that is reconditioned and after driving 100 miles, actually closer to $100 for a used set.

Edit: Actually I do see one on E-bay new for around $150 with shipping.

Edit2: Found a second at a local Sears for 229.00 limited stock. So this price seems pretty accurate.
I know some Craftsman products are still made in the US, does anyone know if that applies to this set?
Great question. The Craftsman hand tools (assuming American-made) are the only vestige of the old Craftsman quality. Their power tools are nowhere near the old quality.
True, they aren't as good as they once were but I find them acceptable and I try to support American labor in markets like tools.