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Creative GigaWorks T40 II PC Speakers

Creative GigaWorks T40 II PC Speakers

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Are these powered speakers?
More powerful but relatively flat monitors (no bass boost) for the same price:

I had the Mackie CR3 monitors before that sounded equally good, but they have a flaky L/R switch that randomly cuts out one side.
Shipping today?
Any chance it's available with an EU power adapter?
Throwing in my 2 cents... I own the "little brother" to these speakers and they're phenomenal. Only reason I got the smaller ones was I was on an extremely tight budget at the time. I would gladly take this speaker set over any number of multi-speaker sets and/or other speakers that include a subwoofer.
The sound is good, but they have an automatic standby feature that can't be disabled, which means they don't start producing sound until ~5 seconds after they receive input. This is fine if you're using them for long sessions, but it makes them useless as external speakers for the Echo, and useless for any notification sounds on systems that aren't already being used.

Really wanted to like these, but I replaced them with something that doesn't have this feature.
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If you've driven one of those cars that turns off when you come to a stop its similar to that. The speakers turn off when they aren't being used and turn on again after receiving input. The feature would be cool if the delay wasn't a good couple seconds or you could turn it off.
Yeah but there's no reason to buy them on massdrop I would have to wait forever for there shipping lol. and there like 5 years old so imma pass/
Great computer speakers! would highly recommend.
I've owned these speakers for over ten years. As a professional audio producer and field recordist, I continue to be amazed at how accurately they reproduce the concerts that I record. Voice and piano (and even pipe organ, to a point) are especially well represented. Build quality is not rock solid (a couple of jacks have always been a bit loose), so I'm gentle with them. The separate bass and treble controls are a rare feature at this price. I don't hear the mid-bass hype that others have mentioned, so it's possible that Creative changed the specs. I sometimes roll off the bass a bit, because the overall low frequency output is surprisingly strong. For less-than-critical listening, the T40s are very satisfying and an excellent value.
Also worked in production. These are terrific consumer-geared speakers for the price range. Not a flat EQ, but pleasant consumer EQ. Of course you can always get better and flatter speakers for hundreds more, but these are great gateway speakers to great sound.
Have these as well. Ok for music great for gaming for a 2.0. Just like a headphone these speakers get better if you use an external DAC/AMP. Connected to a soundblaster card these were ok. Connected to a DAC/AMP these really sounded much better. I still say spend more of the budget on good pair of headphones and then these are awesome for complimenting the setup the times you don't use them. If you primarily use speakers and want audiophile quality I say keep looking..same if you like bass..get a 2.1 not 2.0. Perfect for everyone else.
I have these, and to be honest, they're not really that worth it. They're a bit imbalanced, in V-shaped signature, emphasizing a supposed bass. I say supposed because if all you want is bass, a 2.1 setup will be much better. But at this price point, you're better off getting a good pair of headphones and then cheap speakers when you're tired of listening through them, or listening to casual things like the radio or something.
Mine work great, just wish there was more low end.
Ive had these for years.. perhaps a slightly older model Gen 1. I love them. sound is good. Im not an audiophile, but I like what I hear. the headphone out has been useful too. I have my K7XX plugged in and they seem to drive fine.. loud enough for me with zero hiss or air sounds.
I picked these up from a lightning deal on Amazon in 2013 for $70. For the size and at that price they are ok. After picking up some Edifiers the T40s were relegated to the the garage, but then I picked up a SoundBox XL and the T40s are now sitting in a box on a shelf.

Mids are hollow and over emphasized. Upper bass is way too heavy while midbass they fall on their face. Something like an open E string on a bass guitar makes them puke.

If you want portable, bluetooth and better overall sound a Doss Soundbox XL is a lot happier than these. For MUCH better sound but not so small some Edifier 1280Ts outshine the T40s, or wait and catch the 1700BTs on sale for around the same price and annihilate these. Put on some decent cans, go to youtube and look for "Creative T40 II vs Edifier R1700BT" it's night and day.
Still the best 2.0 setup you can get. Although you will get better bass with a subwoofer. Also, like other said the mid bass is horribly presented on these.
I bought mine for $80 from Creative. They go on sale a lot.

Sound quality isn't bad but I found the mid-bass to be horribly balanced. These are not audiophile-grade desktop speakers, but are plenty good enough on a budget.
I thought I was the only person who thought this way about the mid bass. It's awful.