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Creative iRoar & Rock Wireless Speaker Bundle

Creative iRoar & Rock Wireless Speaker Bundle

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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I actually bought this combo today from Frys so I can try it out, and immediately after joined the drop. The quality is great! Planning on returning the one bought from Frys as soon as this ships.
Question: The specs sans wattage output. AND btw great intro price on Massdrop!
What was the original price of this drop?
Retail $519.99, First price drop was at $319.99 if I recall correctly.
What is the microphone for?
The microphone can be used to transform the speaker into a PA system. It's quite effective with the great volume of the iRoar. Also can be used for Karaoke if you are so inclined.
Hey all, for those asking for the iRoar Rock to be separate, we will make this happen the next time the combo is up here. Due to the way that drops are structured and built, we can't make it happen this time around, but will do so on the next.

We definitely have logged and appreciate the interest!
Hi, I have a question for you!
I love my iRoar, Even though she was pretty expensive....
But what about the Iroar Docking Developement Kit we've been waiting a long time for?
This seems like a heck of a deal. Amazon has the iroar speaker only for 369... Not including the sub. I'd love to know if it can outdo my Mass Fidelity Core speaker and Wireless Sub which was considerably more expensive even when it was crowdfunded.

Might just have to jump on this deal.
Great speaker I love mine paired with a Echo Dot. Any chance the sub will be offered separately as an option?
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In regards to the FLAC / MicroSD over USB, this is a noted request. I've forwarded to the dev team.
Yes, this could be really great!
Then the last thing missing would be the ddk :D
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