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Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

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Complete the Experience

If you're looking into or have already built a high-end desktop setup, the aural experience is just as important to get right as the visual one. For the ultimate immersive experience in PC gaming and entertainment, Creative's flagship ZxR sound card is a feature-packed gizmo that comes ready to level up your audio straight out of the box.

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

Audio Magic

Featuring a Burr-Brown DAC and a 80mw TI TPA6120, the ZxR is packed full of high-end components that are capable of making high-impedance headphones and demanding speakers sound great. A signal to noise ratio of 124 dB and 24-bit/192 kHz music file playback means music comes out sounding clear and detailed. With a 1/4" headphone jack, 2x RCA (L/R) and 2x 3.5mm jacks (Rear,C/Sub) speakers outs, and a 1/4" microphone in, set up your audio gear and prepare for a musical experience. 

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

The Creative Advantage

Reduced latency with Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) support means you'll hear sounds instantly as they happen. The DBPro daughter board features optical output, as well as a professional grade analog to digital converter with RCA Aux-in and optical inputs for excellent audio playback and recording. The Audio Control Module has a built in microphone array and mic/headphone I/O connections, and a knob so that you can quickly and conveniently adjust the headphones level.

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card
Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

ZxR Sound Card Specs


  • Audio Processor: Sound Core3D
  • Audio Resolution: 24-Bit
  • Digital Audio Convertor (DAC): Burr-Brown
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) (20kHz Low-pass filter, A-Wgt): 124dB
  • Maximum Playback Quality: 5.1 : Up to 96kHz
  • Stereo Direct: Up to 192kHz
  • Frequency Response @96kHz: Front Channel Out : 10Hz to 45kHz
  • Rear Channel Out : 15Hz to 45kHz
  • Center Out : 10Hz to 45kHz
  • Headphone (33 ohms): 10Hz to 45kHz
  • Frequency Response @192kHz (Stereo Direct Only): Front Channel Out : 10Hz to 88kHz
  • 16-bit to 24-bit Recording Sample Rates: 8,11.025,16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 96 (kHz)
  • 16-bit to 24-bit Playback Sample Rates: 8,11.025,16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 96, 192 (kHz)
  • Maximum Recording Quality: Up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • I/O Ports (Main Card): Headphone : 1 x Amplified 1/4" jack
  • Speaker Out : 2x RCA (L / R) 2x 3.5mm jacks (Rear, C/Sub)
  • Microphone In: 1x 1/4" jack
  • I/O Ports (Daughter Card): Line In : 2x RCA (L / R)
  • Optical Out : 1x TOSLINK
  • Optical In : 1x TOSLINK
  • Audio Control Module / Front Panel Connectivity: Volume Control Knob Built-in Beam-Forming Microphone
  • Headphone-Out : 1x 3.5mm jack, 1x 1/4” jack
  • Microphone-In : 1x 3.5mm jack, 1x 1/4” jack
  • 600 Ohm Amplified Headphone Output: 80mw TI TPA6120
  • Swappable OP-AMPs: Yes


  • Sound Blaster ZxR sound card
  • Sound Blaster DBpro card
  • Sound Blaster Audio Control Module
  • 1x Optical Cable
  • 1x Stereo(3.5mm)-to-RCA cable
  • 1x DBpro cable
  • Installation CD


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