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Anyone with the unit already could measure the distance between the legs/wall mount?
I can't find the specification on their website/manual.
I plan to hang it on my monitor arm under/above my monitor so it moves with the monitor.
So the drop finished a couple of days early, did anyone see if it hit the 500 units or was it pulled for some other reason?

If you remember what the MSRP was.
It was announced the group saved "4500" dollars, so assuming MSRP 300, and price was 200, it's 45 purchases.
my December drop was returned with this reason: package contains hazardous material.
so i get refund

Still i want to buy it
& i really want to know the problem is currently in progress or not
Any thoughts on this vs the Razer Leviathan?
MUCH better than the Leviathan. Besides the 10 min shut down BS of the Leviathan, the sound is far superior. This is especially true if you use USB instead of optical. Bluetooth range is significantly better as well. I can stream my turntable from one floor down and it sounds spectacular. This was a huge upgrade for me.
Too bad i spent all my speaker money on those HiVi speakers sets which blowup as soon as they met any static electricity.
I use my PC 95% of the time with headphones, but bought this for times where that's just not convenient.

I rarely listen to music over it, but have gone through a pile of favourite tracks.

Thoughtless Motion by Ulrich Schnauss is basically a perfect tech demo for this speaker:

The bass drum is perfectly matched for the sub.
This shipped a lot sooner than I expected! Coming in early next week. Time to clean up my desk.
The last drop this was $199, and all of December this was $199 at Microcenter, free shipping. Any idea why we have to pay $30 more? This is my first drop, is there a chance if more people buy it that the price will lower further than $239?
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Cardioid mics (IIRC) are directional... they are supposed to have a much quieter pickup than in the main direction. The modmic is not cardioid, but it’s low sensitivity helps it mostly pick up sounds that are close to the mic, though it’s a “mod mic” because it’s meant to be an easy way to mod a headphone into a headset with something like an integrated mic. I’ll tell you what though, there will always going to be some bleed, also echoes off the wall behind you, and using speakers and a microphone is always going to be obnoxious with anyone you game with.

I did see some emerging tech though, where a DSP uses the sound from the game and tries to cancel out that from the mic input. Not perfect.
Also, the Yeti and the Snowball are two different microphone models. The regular snowball (not the cheaper ICE model) can change between being an Omni-directional mic, cardioid, and low-input cardioid modes.
Is this thing HDCP 2.2 compatible so I know it'll work with my Nvidia Shield and 4k TCL television at 4k?
I’d like to try share explanation of CMSS-3D and the “down mixing” that makes the Katana and other Virtual Surround Sound products by Creative, and what makes them special.

Creative has made sound products and DSPs that use HRTF’s (Head Related Transfer Function, which describes the way sound is split by our faces and bounced around our ears) for longer than a patent would last, and have some unique functionality. Let’s say we feed a Katana a 16-bit, 96 kHz, 5.1 channel sound input. If you imagine a 5.1 speaker setup in the living room, there are fairly large gaps inbetween speakers. Especially useful with games, the Creative DSP (now SBAxx-1) uses the information about how sound volume pans between these speakers to essentially guess positions between speakers, creating a “ring” of sound rather than just 5 funnels of direction. A 7.1 signal creates more accurate directionality, but a complete “ring” is the goal. Now, to simulate that surround sound ring, the DSP essentially converts any given clock position around this ring and applies the time delay between when your left ear and right ear would hear it (we humans only have 2 “input” channels), and creates a down mix with the time delays “baked in,” for whatever the output device, such as the Katana or headphones connected to the Katana. The signal remains 16-bit 96 kHz through this entire process, so there’s no downsampling.

Because Creative’s Virtual Surround solution is based on the math of HRTFs from any direction, it was actually able to utilize FULL 3D sound output back in the day when games would output such data, so you could have sounds coming from above (like Dolby Atmos and DTS-X) and below (imagine trying to set up speakers below the floor in a home theater!). Bioshock and Borderlands 2 were really cool in 3D surround, and can you imagine 3D surround in flight sims, horror games, or adventure games? Fortunately, 3D audio is starting to make a comeback with some Virtual Reality titles, but 3D audio by itself is much more accessible for those with budget or motion sickness constraints, and does a great job of expanding the environment and immersion beyond the screen in front of you.
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Is there any advantage to using a "higher quality" USB cable with this for the 7.1? Does it come with one or should I buy one from Amazon?
It comes with one, should do the job.
I have tried nicer USB cables, and it surprised me to find out they do provide a smoother more even sound (not as surprising after learning that the signal that goes through USB isn’t perfect 1’s and 0’s), buuuuut that’s more obvious paired with gear $500 and up (like the Chord Mojo, iDSD Micro Black Label, and better). I’d say don’t bother buying a better one from amazon, though Wireworld makes very good cables that are “just” expensive instead of “skiddilyridiculous!”
Just so people know, the sound/lighting profiles cannot be saved to the device, so you cannot use custom ones if you're using this as a TV soundbar like I am. It needs to be connected to a computer running the Sound Blaster software to do that.

However, the default profiles aren't bad and cover all my use-cases (particularly the night-mode where it reduces bass).
If you hook it up to a pc you can adjust and save both the sound and lighting profile to the bar. However it will replace one of the presets.
I'll have to try it again. I explicitly tried to do this and even searched around in the manual / online for solutions but came up empty at the time. Thanks for the info!
Top firing speakers but no Dolby Atmos encode support? Talk about a useless product. It looked pretty promising too given the price.
I wonder if atmos can be added through an update or buying the atmos app on windows 10.