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Has anyone has this connected via optical cable to their PC sound-card ? I'm having intermittent issues with sound going all muffled suddenly. Powering the device on and off helps but only until the next time it happens again. The sound-card doesn't have this problem on regular speakers by the way. I would also like to know if there's any point in having the Katana plugged in to a PC this way (USB better ?).

I have an X-Fi Titanium dinosaur and have this soundbar hooked up to it via optical. Took a bit of fiddling to figure out that you need to set "Play Stereo mix using digital output" in the Creative control panel in order to get any sound at all. It's supposed to provide virtual 7.1 , bu how does that work when using a sound-card to process audio and output into the soundbar ? I can select 7.1 in the sound settings for what it's worth, but it's a bit unclear how this thing operates when you're using it just for output - not processing.

Anyone got any insights on this ?
Odd question (hopefully Digital Roynyn can help): The latest major update to Windows 10 seems to get rid of the speaker setup option which is what I used to set the Katana as a 7.1 speaker system (at first it was recognized as a 2.1 speaker only). Does Windows now recognize this as a native 7.1 speaker system?
Hey there Zloaf!

Ok, it looks like Microsoft has once again muddled with the sound settings in Windows 10, but you can still make sure your Katana is being recognized as a 7.1 device (or 5.1 or Stereo if you prefer) by going to the Configure option. They've just hidden it in a slightly different place now.

In you system tray right click on the Speaker icon.

Then instead of clicking on Sound Settings (where you think it would be!), click on Sounds.

Then click the Playback tab.

Then highlight the Katana (will be listed as a "Speakers" option).

Then click the Configure button in the lower left hand side of the Window. The options to choose the Katana as a Stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 device will appear.

This will ensure that Windows is recognizing the Katana as a 7.1 device and game engines and apps will send all available streams to the Katana for virtualization.

Hope this helps!

(Also make sure you're using the latest Sound Blaster Connect2 software and driver and the latest firmware as well!)
Thanks! I would have not found that. Windows did in fact set my Katana back to a stereo setup from a 7.1 setup.
Same item available at Costco. com for the same price. Plus you get it in 3-5 business days
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Nope it's in stock last I checked.
This isn't available at anymore. Just a confirmation.
LEDs (on the left side) are dead after a month; it seems to be a common issue (will try a reset and firmware update) and ask for a replacement later on
Hey there, contact us at so we can assist with this. We will get this resolved for you.
Is this only Virtual Surround capable? Does this mean that native surround output from some games will not be output? Also, what is the place of manufacture?
Just add a comment that, I was finally received the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana from Massdrop. They sent it from US to Hong Kong and took 3.5 weeks. They are using DHL for the international part and using the Hong Kong Post for the last 1 mile.

So, if you are interested in this product, which is a great speaker and compact in size, and you are an international buyer, you don't need to worry about the shipping issue :)

ok guys so apparently when you buy this from Massdrop you only get 30 days warranty. Just so you know.
If you live in US, creative will take care of the warranty stuff, too bad I live in Canada so creative won't help me.
I'm throwing this speakers set in a garbage bin lol, lasted 3 months ish.
Getting that new logitech speaker.
Have you contacted Creative or Creative support person who lurks on this forum?
Haven't been contacted. Listening intently.
My sound blaster x katana doesn't show up on any device when in bluetooth pairing mode. Impossible to connect to it then. What's the problem ??? It'd be bothersome to resend it ...
got the same problem
Did you send it back ? No way to fix ?
Got this thing, its nice.. software is nice but the usb computer cable is loose (the 1 that connects to the speaker). Keeps getting loose connection to the pc everytime it moves even a little.
Received my drop 28DEC17. Left side LEDs died about a week ago (just 3 months of use on my gaming PC with good backup battery). I've tried resetting, unplugging, etc.. It looks like it's just game over for the LED aspect. I've just turned the LEDs off; Far better to have no color than some lopsided failshow. The sound is still fine. Disappointing to have hardware failures in mere months. I guess I'll look into warranty stuff.....
lol this just happened to me, the only light that lights up is the power 1. Even the display doesn't even light up anymore. The RGB is totally dead. SBX light isn't lights up anymore. Bought this on Dec 2017 got it like Dec 25 or something.