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Creative Sound BlasterX Siege Gaming Mouse

Creative Sound BlasterX Siege Gaming Mouse

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I can't believe Creative made mouse... Good one them to make sure their first foray has a 3360. Could be much lighter though. 110 grams without cable!? Does it have an internal plate that we can remove? .... Warranty blah blah blah who cares...
Does the mouse actually have a smoke machine inside, or was that image taken after an electrical fault?

I'm only joining if there's a built-in smoke machine...
Sound Blaster mouse? I think that takes the cake for meaningless brand name. How do you put a mouse under the same brand as sound cards?
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You completely missed the point somehow, well done. Maybe read the brand name and notice the problem. The mouse doesn't have speakers and doesn't even produce sound, and it's named after a 30 year running line of sound cards.
and I will tell you after using this mouse for a good 6 months now that is a great mouse. Nothing out there at this price compares. Of course you can go to a high end roccat, razer, logitech and find something thats a better build than this. However, you will pay $30-$70 more. There mouse feels great performs great. Side note: The RGB lighting is some of the best and brightest I have come across.
Hello Everyone!
The contest thread is now active. If you have purchased the Vanguard & Siege please see this link on how to enter the contest.
Look awsome
Wait for another Nixeus Revel drop.

Same sensor and cheaper...

but if you like this mouse go for it
I have tried both mice and they are not even close in build quality or performance. Yes, for a down and dirty, no frills mouse the Nixeus fits the bill. However, the quality of materials used, ergonomics, look and feel of the Creative mouse are much better. The Creative Siege also has RGB and a great software interface to program all buttons on the mouse and the sensor to your personal liking.

Besides we are only talking $14 bucks more to get the Creative Siege and everything I mentioned before. Seems like a no brainier.
I don't know why, but I laughed my ass off at the first picture of the mouse with the smoke/dust behind it. Thank you for that!
I put it there just for you! lol
My shipment hasn't had a status update since the 22nd of February - there's no sign of it having even left the US yet. Can't access the tracking page either today as receiving a redirect loop. Bit disappointed.
Never mind, the redirect loop has been resolved and there appears to be an update!
This has to be one of the best looking gaming mouses out there! Very ergonomic and fits the hand rather well.

Has anyone started receiving the shipments yet?
Can't wait to RGB the crap out of my desk!! :D
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It has been about five days since FedEx last updated where the package was.
Slightly scared?
Mine changed to ' Out for delivery ' by USPS earlier today. This has taken forever!
You've got to improve on shipment dates Massdrop!
I joined by my mistake. well i'm gonna use this for a mood lighting lamp. this mouse has beautiful rgb. but super heavy weight. I could understand if it had wireless system but it doesn't. so i gues it's gonna be great mood light lamp for me.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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How long will it take this product to get to my house?
They said the Estimated ship date is Feb 17, 2017.