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CRKT Eros K455TXP Titanium Gentleman's Folder

CRKT Eros K455TXP Titanium Gentleman's Folder

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Have a couple of these and this one is super light and i love the flip action I recommend it to anybody sitting on the fence.
Received this knife as a gift years ago. I would have never bought this knife for myself but I'm so glad someone else did. I use this knife daily and love it. The only downside is the pocket clip. It bends out easily. Crkt has free parts service (including shipping to you) and lifetime knife replacement. I've used both of these services and couldn't be more impressed.
Crkt and $100+. That'll be a hard pass. If I want a Chinese titanium flipper, there are FAR better options in this price range. All with better steel.

Ken Onion does design an attractive knife though.
Are pimps considered “gentlemen“?
IMO most of the Kizer offer here or somewhere else beat this on all aspect - quality, material, pricing, fit & finishes etc..
Not much of a drop when it's $5 cheaper on Amazon:
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That was 31 weeks ago.
Amazon prices can vary day to day. This knife ranges from $105 to $125 on their site over the last year.
Is the blade serrated or do I need to turn my anti-aliasing up?
Well, judging by the pixeltastic photo, this knife must have saw teeth on both edges...

I saw this and thought, great an awesome knife with upgraded steel! Nope... I still wish I could get CRKT's more popular knives with better steel! For this price I wish it had been the normal handle with S30V.
This is a fantastic and light weight gentlemans knife. It's an office knife, not a field knife. If you know that going in, its just a joy. I love the thin, super sharp, and pointy blade. It does take some break in and learning curve to get it to open readily. If you aren't holding it right, you can lock up blade and make it hard to flick open. That said, it's not a flicky knife like a Benchmade or even and Oso Sweet. The other drawback is the light weight clip is terrible and bends easily rendering it near useless in retaining the knife in your pocket. This price isn't really a drop. I think I got mine for $75 or $85 dollars several years ago and I also got my dad one. It definitely has a spot in my EDC rotation especially on those rare suit and tie weeks.
I've always been a fan of Ken onion knives, and I do like this too....but seriously, when is he going to stop making 1,000 variations of the same damn knife? It's like he got stuck in a rut after the leek.

Like when a comedian gets typecast, everybody just yells, "DO THE THING THAT WE LIKE". I haven't dug deep, but every single model I see from him on here looks overwhelmingly similar to the everything he's done before it. That same handle shape, blade profile, look, and feel.
Check out Ken's Homefront field strippable knife. Bigger, sturdy, heavy.
I'm unfamiliar with IKBS. Are the bearings loose or caged in a washer?
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Jesus, that sounds horrible. Uncaged ball bearings are a hassle that is not worth taking on.
Most people don't take apart there knives and some send them to someone who can if they cannot. Not really a big deal. The action is amazing
I've had one of these knives for a couple of years. It's incredibly light and holds an edge very well. It might seem pricey, but it is a quality knife. I like mine and I'm pretty sure most of your would enjoy it too.
people say it holds a edge very well, but dont actually provide any data. compared to s110v this doesnt hold an edge worth a damn. i agree in this instance it doesnt matter. im sure it holds an edge decently well in comparison to other budget steels of its type, probably around vg-10 steel or lower. i would recommend it over 8cr13Mov any day. and because this is a light use gentlemans knife, its perfect for the tasks that will be handled by this knife, eg light duty.
so a $40 knife with a titanium handle is now $105 knife?
yes, its true. the amount of milling and the use of titanium is an expensive process and hard on tooling. the steel iirc is a slight upgrade as well, still a budget steel but better than 8cr13mov. you could get a few more cut's using this acuto+/aus118 steel.

granted its not going to be for you or most people. not me either, but most people balk at prices when they dont see the big picture.
well i'll definitely be jealouse of anyone who gets one, i love the original eros it's a sleek little knife and a improved, fancier, and slighly larger version is definitely up my alley but i just can't justify the steep price climb for myself. could be i'll talk myself into it over the next couple of days though..