120x Custom Cherry MX Springs (3-Pack)search

120x Custom Cherry MX Springs (3-Pack)

120x Custom Cherry MX Springs (3-Pack)

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120x Custom Cherry MX Springs 3-Pack

A simple way to find tactile actuation force in a pre-existing set-up, the Custom Cherry MX Springs are easy to install and grant a custom and desirable key feel.

Note: At check-out, you can select your spring weight. You will receive 3 packs of 120 springs with your order.

120x Custom Cherry MX Springs (3-Pack)

Linear Actuation

Used in a Cherry MX Red linear switch the following springs had the following actuation points:

  • 35 g spring - 35 g
  • 45 g spring - 45 g
  • 60 g spring - 60 g
  • 62 g spring - 65 g
  • 67 g spring - 75 g
  • 80 g spring - ~83g

Clicky Actuation

With Cherry MX Blues the actuation points were at the following weights:

  • 35 g spring - 50 g
  • 45 g spring - 60 g
  • 60 g spring - ~73 g
  • 62 g spring - 75g
  • 67 g spring - ~87 g
  • 80 g spring - ~100 g


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cherry MX compatible


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Estimated ship date is Jan 11, 2018 PT.

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