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Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Cypher Labs Picollo and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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I'm glad this amp is getting some action here. I got one in a previous drop and enjoy it very much. It's very organic and more natural sounding than my opamp based portable amps.

As stated, it is a warm and musical sounding amp, so proper matching with IEMs or phones is in order.

It can sound great, but when paired with warm sounding IEMs, can sound too warm and mushy. It'll probably do best with more neutral or clear sounding IEMs for a nice balance, IMO.
K.T.N Are the Hifiman (560) or the Beyerdynamic phones (T51i) considered neutral or clear sounding?
Sago, unfortunately I haven't used those phones on the Picollo, so can't advise you on how well those work. Perhaps someone else who's tried the combo can chime in.

I actually use only IEMs currently for portable listening. So I don't have too much advice about how well specific full size headphones might sound on the Picollo.

I can say in IEMs, I like the Fidue A83 and the Audeo PFE232 (which is also dropping currently) with the Picollo, as well as that one that dropped here a while ago - a fairly unknown Chinese brand that features customizable tubes to tune the bass and midrange. I forget the name of that one, but it sounds great with the Picollo as well.

My recommendation is just a general suggestion based on the tonal balance of the Picollo. It also reflects what I found after trying a number of my own IEMs.

All phones and IEMs have unique electrical characteristics outside of tonal quality that may or may not allow them to work well with the Picollo. So short of having tried a specific combination, it's hard to say whether it will sound good.

Good luck on your search!
Sago and Tad: thanks for joining the drop! Cypher Labs is going to do some more drops in the near future so check them out. Some accessories for the Picollo might be there...
CypherLabs Will the Duet or the Theorem be part of those future drops?
Sago, not planning on the Theorem on a drop. Might consider the Duet, but we sell those pretty well on our site.
Anything positive coming from Sydney totally makes MY day! :))
Ok folks on the sideline....we need at least two more of the "commiters" to "join" so we'll at least get the product. Come on in...the water's fine! :))
Thank you lonestar_0. Sydney says "You are more than zero in my book..."
CypherLabs Thanks for the explanation. Would the amp pair well with the Hifiman headphones?(400 series or 560)
This amp has a huge db spread so it is quiet enough to work with sensitive IEM's and drive large phones, like the Hifiman series. Of course it isn't meant for electrostatic phones that need a high voltage special amp, but will drive planar headphones just fine (Audeze, Mr. Speakers, etc).
the specs look great. how is the bass on this amp? no bass boost?
There is no bass boost on this amp. We wanted to have a very simple pure old school sound without a lot of clutter. The bass is excellent; the sound is very warm similar to a tube amp, but with the stability of integrated circuits.
CypherLabs What are the major differences between the Picollo amp and the Picollo DAC? They are the same price on the website.
Right, we made the choice to lower the price of the Picollo DAC so that people could make the choice just based on the style of amp and features. The cost of production is a little more with the PDAC, but that's OK. The PDAC of course has a 16/48 bit DAC and is an integrated amp/DAC. It should work natively, without an app, on many android devices. It works with PC's and Mac's without a software driver. So no muss no fuss. Most audio tracks are 16/44.1 so most customers will be served by this amp/DAC. Higher res tracks will be downsampled, but the availability of higher res tracks is still developing. The Picollo amp takes a different approach to amplification, using hand matched silicon triodes. This produces a warmer tube like sound. These cannot be used with a DAC for stability reasons, so that's why two designs.
The picture of the gold one is of the DAC version, not the AMP only... makes it very confusing.
Any body else notice that in the first picture the mini to mini is pluged into the phone and then the line out on the amp?
Because the 720 is also a DAC, this is just an amp.