D&D: Ultimate Scenario Board Game Bundle (3-Pack)search

D&D: Ultimate Scenario Board Game Bundle (3-Pack)

D&D: Ultimate Scenario Board Game Bundle (3-Pack)

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My copy of Assault is missing card SG4 (story goals for the storm giants). My copy of the Temple of EE has one punch board with scratch marks across several of the pieces. How do I get these pieces replaced?

Update: Massdrop contacted me but couldn't help. Only offered a refund for returning the package. I contacted the game developers and they replaced the pieces in about 2 weeks after I filled out their form.
This without Assault would be an instant buy.
Are these from their original edition or have they been ported to 5e?
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Thanks for this. Haven't messed with Adventure System at all so wasn't sure if these were the original. ToEE, for example was a HUGE/multi-day dungeon to crawl, so was surprised they claim "60 minutes play time".
Gotcha. ToEE and ToA (but not the first three) are developed as kind of "boardgame campaigns" where you play a "mission" that moves the story along a bit further. There are probably a dozen missions in each box, each taking probably 60-90 minutes.

This fills the niche for me for a quick "dungeon crawl" style session, without much potential for roleplaying. I use them when certain members of my gaming group can't make it, because this is pretty easy to pick up and play with whomever you have on hand.
Decent deal i think. Kinda wish we had a shot at the premium editions.
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Hmm, if the prices I see online are correct, thats alot of dough to cough up for some paint+labor. Then again if those are the like wh40k minis, I can see how there would be some effort involved to getting a decent job done.
Generally I've heard pleasantly suprised complements on the prepainted minis in ToA which had 42 minis. Not as interested in AotG which has only 15 (5 pairs of giants + 2 storm giants +3 giant slayers) and are supposedly 3/4 size, but no complaints about the actual paint job. I own standard edition from a previous drop.
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