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Da Luca Custom Shell Cordovan Two-Piece Watch Strap

Da Luca Custom Shell Cordovan Two-Piece Watch Strap

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

What's the length to the last hole for the 115/75mm? I have a 6" wrist.
It should be approx 2” or slightly under from the end of the foldover. The other side is 3” you should be ok depending on the size of the watch. We can always punch an extra hole if you find you need one more after you receive it as a worst case scenario.
It’s a shame that the DT880 cable is not detachable, otherwise this would have been mine.
Please suggest a good combination for Apple Watch Series 4 in Stainless Steel Gold. Thanks!
Cigar would be our first choice.
Is it possible to order two different sizes and colors on the same order, or must I place two separate orders?
We believe you should be able to order 2x straps with different specs on the same order.
Can you provide full stitching?
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Shipping timeline?
Does this drop have stitching or no stitching? I'm confused because I prefer the one with no stitching
Yes this drop has one minimal reinforcement line of hand stitching at the top of each strap as well as the buckle end, for a total of 3 lines of stitching on the watch strap itself and 1 small tack stitch on the underside of the keeper.
How thick are these bands? @DA-LUCA
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Y’all are great and i look forward to buying from you again soon
"We are lucky to get some colors and maybe only receive 2-4x hides. The hides are extremely small (1'x2.5' approx) and each hide varies with it's thickness from the right side to the left. We apologize about the thickness, but in reality we are lucky to even be offering some of the colors that we do in this many sizes/options."
or you could, i don't know, manufacturer fewer pieces at a higher level of quality....
crazy idea, i know.
I'm interested in a Navy shell one-piece NATO style offering.
The 1 piece version may be available at a later date as a different drop offering.
Whats model name or Is this strap MD exclusive?
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I understand its the "shell Cordovan Watch Strap" but is it on the da luca website?
Little bit concerning that the stitching isn't even right in the main image for the drop! Doesn't really fill you with confidence for the final product.
Anyone care to comment on the straps in the current drop? I know the manufacturer has posted here promising a better product, but bad stitching would drive my OCD off the charts. I actually committed, then dropped out. On the fence with this.
If you receive the strap and it’s not what you expected me will gladly do anything in our power to help make it right. With that said, we have not had any direct issues with the new style for MD. We hope this helps and gives you the peace of mind to rejoin the drop.
I just received my strap (Navy, 115/75, 20mm). It's ok...stitching isn't quite straight, but not horrible. Length is actually a little longer than listed (I ordered the smallest size and I'm on the very last hole, my wrist is 6.5"), and the rubber cement on the underside is already peeling. Had I paid what they're asking on their site ($180), I would return it immediately. But for $65, it's ok I guess...I know shell cordovan isn't cheap, so I have to take that into consideration. I've made a few leather straps myself, and to be perfectly honest, even with my meager leathercrafting skills, I could have done a comparable job. Overall I'm kind of disappointed and probably won't buy another Da Luca product, but not so much so that it's worth going through the return/refund process.
We have moved away from full stitching straps on MD as it was not working for us or for our customers. The new style seems to have little to no issues and we greatly welcome you to try one of them or send this one back to us and we can gladly re-make/exchange this for a different strap. As always our email address is Info@DaLucaStraps.com. We look forward to speaking soon.
@DA-LUCA, is this what you call a premium product to send half over the globe?

Sorry, but this is more than disappointing. I spent more than $120 (including Tax) and drove 2 hours to the customs now to own a watch strap looking like the sewer was drunk and the quality check on vacation.
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It's not your consumers' problems that you cannot keep up with the orders. Many companies would love to have an opportunity like this one yet you have proven time and time again that your products do not justify the price. I have bought from you once and I cannot recommend your products to my friends until you have fixed your quality issues or lower the price, it's that simple.
Not being able to get the stitch line at a straight line 90 degrees to the edge of the strap is so basic that I don't think that the problem is being in a rush because of so many orders. I think it's more that the worker is not cut out for this kind of job. You cannot train someone to be a violinist who is naturally tone deaf.
Also, the product photos for Da Luca leather straps consistently show visible flaws. Why were these photos chosen? Are they the best of all the samples produced? That would indicate that at best that's what would be delivered; more probably what would be delivered would be worse.
Wanted a review, i was really excited to receive this but i thought the workmanship was lacking, the leather as thin and stitching was rough. Just my humble opinion.
We have previously addressed these issues and have changed what we offer to better meet the needs of our MD customers and our company. If you need any help with your order please email us and we will be glad to help. Info@DaLucaStraps.com
I have a 6.7 inches wrist with 40mm diameter watch, which size should i choose?
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Our pleasure
Hi. I have an 8” wrist. What size would you suggest please?
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Glad we could help.
Hello, I am interested i the Color #8 strap. Can you order it with matching stitching, instead of the red stitching showing in the image on the drop? Thanks!
Each strap is paired with matching stitching. Color 8 uses a purplish brown color stitching with no red on it. Color 4 will have a reddish colored stitching paired with it.
Can u guys add more holes on the watchstrap to accommodate smaller wrist?
Not initially but you can always send it back to us and we can accommodate after the drop ends.
Hi. I Have a watch with a 23mm lug width. Which one would be a better fit for this watch - 22 or 24mm?
22 will leave a very slight gap. It's not glaring, but it's something you'll see regularly. It'll annoy some people; others don't much care. 24 takes a bit of pinching to slip in;, and that also means it's somewhat more work to dismount. Hard to get to the spring bar.
General suggestion on WatchUSeek is go 24.
Try the 24mm and if you can’t get it to work then you can always send it back to us for a slight notch at the top down to 23mm.
Hello, im trying to order one but not sure which strap length to choose for my 6.5inch wrist. Do i pick the 80mm? Please let me know thanks.
You could use the 125/80 but you'll be near the last hole or two. I have a similar wrist size, and if I order one, it'll be 115/75.
115/75mm would be the best choice from this drop.
I have to add a good word for Daniel at Da Luca. DL accidentally shipped me the wrong strap - mistakes happen. However, to their credit they made and rushed me a new strap (over the Christmas break!) after first making sure it was exactly what I wanted, via email.
They also added a key-fob as a gift! These guys get my vote!

I am looking for natural color with white stitching in 22mm. It's showing sold out. Please advise if additional pieces will be made available.
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I will email you. Thanks.
This price is incredibly low.
These straps do not look like they taper. I will be adding a deployment clasp to this strap after receipt. Can you confirm that I would need to buy a clasp of the same width as the strap (i.e. an 18mm deployment clasp for an 18mm strap)?
These do not taper. They are 18/18mm, 20/20mm, 22/22mm and 24/24mm in width.
Looking at the photos, it looks like there is a metal tube in the ends. Is that true? Would I need to remove or file them down?
No tubes will be included in this drop.
Can I get this in a 19mm width?
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Would it be possibly/advisable to get a 20mm and shave 0.5mm from each side?
Yes that could work. You can always take an xacto knife to it and do a small cut at the end to make it fit. Once its on the strap the cut portion should not be noticeable. We would be there to help in case you get stuck or butcher it, but its pretty simple and you should be able to do this on your own.
This doesn't ship outside US?
They should offer shipping outside of the USA as all the drops we have seen have had a high # being shipped outside the USA.
i want to buy for my seiko presage SARY073J , anyone can guide which size to choose? Thanks alot
Really depends on what you're wearing at the time. I personally like the bands with the white stitching and was thinking about getting the black leather with white stitching band for my Orient Sentinel ( FAC05003S0).
For the cocktail time your strap size should be 20mm.
Would the underside of these be safe to do pyrography on? If not, is there another way I could personalize it for my brother in law?
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Thank you very much for your reply!
I would be doing the burning with a pyrography pen. Would the leather have been treated with anything that would be harmful to me if burned?
Thanks again!
We don't believe so. You could always double check directly with Horween but we have never seen any negative effects from this.
I had a NATO Shell strap from Da Luca and it is a very nice one. Good quality craftsmanship and rich color leather. Also nice service. Got emailed by the owner to help with my order and ensure I was satisfied. Fast shipping too! Very good experience.
Thank you for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated.
Anyone got a pic of one of these with a normal human watch under 38mm? Would be interesting to see how the heavy stitching looks against a watch that isn't the size of a monster truck wheel.
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Totally off topic, but if the coffee cup watch is a ~38mm chrono... what is it? This is the style I've been searching for!
IWC is the maker
We are a growing small company. We normally only have good reviews. However this last order was a large amount of straps that we had to make and get out at one time and a few were shipped that were not up to our normal high standards. We have learned from it and have set ourselves up much better to get our larger orders out with the same quality we normally provide our customers. If you received a strap in that last order that got past our quality control please email us at Info@DaLucaStraps.com and we will get a replacement strap plus a small gift out to you ASAP. Thank you for your understanding about our growing pains.
****PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING****: As for this type of strap we wanted to make a few things clear. This is the best leather out there, and it takes 6+ months to tan. It comes in thicknesses around 1.4mm-2.1mm and we leave it as 1 solid piece so it has less layers which means it will last longer, unlike many OEM style straps that have lots of thin layers with machine stitching that do not last very long. The back is purposely left raw as well as the edges/sides. The back of this leather is sometimes stamped with a HORWEEN stamp and many people want to see that and the very unique raw backing. The raw edges burnish beautifully over time and darken in a very nice way. This strap is purposely made differently from OEM style straps for its looks and durability, and they are made to last a long time by having less layers as well as get better looking with age and wear. If you solely compare it to an OEM strap, it will generally look very different and be thinner. This thinness is just the inherent nature of shell leather, but it is an extremely strong and durable leather, so don't let it's looks fool you. As always, we are here to help if you have any questions or needs at all, Info@DaLucaStraps.com.
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We noted this and will do our best to offer this for future sales.
Thank you! This time, I ordered 2 straps ( brown and black)for this width. I will have the 2 buckles. In the future for another width I'll probably buy only one strap. I would appreciate having the option of buying an additional buckle.