De Atramentis Persons of History Inks (3-Pack)search

De Atramentis Persons of History Inks (3-Pack)

De Atramentis Persons of History Inks (3-Pack)


Where's the price?

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Damn.. doesn't look like this drop is going to be successful. 6h left, only 17/30. 😟
Are any of these inks waterproof?
This photo appears to be deliberately misleading as it shows 4 bottles of ink, but only three are included
Is this drop active? There are numerous past complaints regarding shipments and no updates.
It's active, but I don't know what to expect. I talked with someone at Vanness and I understood that these inks seem to take like 4 months to order and come in. So if Massdrop can somehow get them cheaper/sooner, that's cool. Maybe the shipping process didn't work as anticipated...?
De Atramentis inks are made to order for us in Germany, but unfortunately sometimes these large shipments of mostly liquid get hung up in customs much longer than anticipated. We do our best to estimate an accurate shipping time for these, but this is the one thing we just don't have any control over. Otherwise, we coordinate as closely as possible with our partners at De Atramentis to give you as our best estimation for shipping time frames on these ink drops. Hope that helps explain some things!
I guess if the drop doesn't hit the lowest I'll have saved some money I probably shouldn't spend anyway. Still, there's an ink I need for a Christmas gift as well as a couple others that I think are cool.
When will this he offered again?
It's live right now!
I saw!! 😄 I ordered two sets!
I have sent 2 emails to MassDrop support - and have not heard back from THEM either.
I am still waiting for an update. What is going on with the vendor?
Looking for an update ASAP as we're coming on a month delay.
I, too, want to know when it is being shipped.

Either ship or refund. It's that simple.
Where is my order?
I'd like to know when my order will ship s well. ETA shipping was 4/28 - nearly 2 weeks ago.
I want an answer as to when this will ship.
When is this going to ship?
When are these going to ship?
another delay from the vendor. second time I've had that issue. What is wrong with them?