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DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle

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Oh pretty Drone !! I like that !!!! Good Price
Can Vouch. I love this drone :)
Hey everyone come over to microcenter and get the fly more bundle for 699.99 and a set of goggles while spending less then the drop if you dont believe me check out our website and see for yourself just saying this retail MSRP not a good deal.
That's not the fly more combo. Still a really good deal though.
Woops your right the fly more is 999.99 my bad but yes still the stand alone drone at 699.99 is an epic deal when its normally almost a grand and the fly more being 1399.99.
Why, oh why does this drop never include the option of adding DJI's marvelous FPV "Goggles"? It is a missed opportunity for us to get a complete package at the best price possible and a frustrating reminder that MassDrop turns a blind eye towards those of us who request more complex options on this drop than "the average bear" wants (I have asked for it at least 3 times).

Think out of the box, for a change! Would it have been so hard to get a discount on the $1,698 [retail] combo kit that includes the Platinum Fly More Bundle + DJI Goggles? Or how about adding the Racing Edition ("RE") as an add-on to the Platinum Fly More Bundle? GIVE THIS POST A THUMBS-UP IF YOU WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEN!
I don't see this drop being a great deal at all. Pro Fly More Bundle cheaper almost everywhere. Platinum Fly More Bundle about the same price as Amazon. The Platinum Fly More is cheaper with drop than Best Buy though.
The DJI Mavic Pro has been removed from manufacture as of May 1, 2018. The Mavic 2 is supposed to be rolled out in November, 2018 so whatever is out there in stock should be reduced as, "end of line," stock. There are many reviews of the upcoming Mavic 2 on Youtube where this information and upgrade expectations can be researched. Apparently, also, the new model is to be priced in the same range as the Mavic Pro.
For the next two days, this is also on sale at Best Buy for $999:
Once again, already cheaper on amazon:

Also, the price is supposed to be $700 for prime day
Cheaper on Amazon
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It’s 1249 on Amazon for the fly more bundle.
It is showing $998 on Amazon today for the Pro Fly More Bundle.
What is DJI Mavic Pro 'Titanium' ? sounds like a scam ...

Is it talking about the Platinum ?
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Legally binding? Wut? "They promised me Titanium, your honor." 😆
Yes, if you look at the answered questions, you'll realize the seller simply made a mistake. The true assurance is proven by the seller's reputation and the guarantee Amazon offers. I am not endorsing this seller!
I know I would REALLY want this however the Pro II is coming out "soon" so I'm saving my money
I've been waiting for the Mavic Pro 2 for a while now...still waiting.

1. How does it auto follow? Like a bracelet with gps? or does it follow the person who has the controller? I've got a drone before(forgot the brand) and it randomly follows any person it sees. which is really dangerous.

2. Can it really fly in beaches? I tried a drone before in the beach but it was unstable because of the air and it won't even auto follow due to the air. I really like going to the beach and i would like to take a video while i kayak.
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It would not auto follow me because the drone is affected by the air. Also this is not the drone i was talking about just incase.
Do you mean because of a strong wind? That would make more sense. Each drone is specifically rated for wind resistance up to a certain point specified in the specifications.