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Sounds like this is finally being processed. I received this message from Massdrop customer service on May 2nd:

"I just got confirmation that the shipment arrived at our warehouse located in New Jersey. It should only be a matter of a couple of days before the shipment is broken down and packaged up for individual shipment to the members who joined the drop."

Hopefully we can finally get these keys soon.
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I just got the notification that mine has shipped. Hope yours is on the way too!
Yeah, got the notification that the shipping label has been printed. Odd considering I just got a response from customer service and they said they have no additional information. Oh well, as long as it gets here I don't care.
So, customer support said there were going to issue an official response, but since they have not, I will. Customer service had stated this to me in our latest exchange 4 days prior:

Our Logistics Team got confirmation yesterday that the bulk order has shipped. The vendor shipped from over seas, so it may still be 5-10 business days until it arrived at our warehouse. If you do not want to continue to wait, let me know and I can issue you a refund. I apologize again for the inconvenience. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

That being said, the lack of communication if they have a confirmed delivery worries me that this was said to pacify my emails.
No news whatsoever from MD after this item was supposed to ship in march. What a pathetic experience.
Massdrop, over a month late now and ZERO communication?!
I contacted support, said they are waiting for the order to be fulfilled. I pressed them for more info but got no response. I'd take the refund if it didn't mean Massdrop got a 2 month free loan from me. At this point I'm just going to pester customer service as much as possible until I get more information.
Has anyone ever received a delivery on time from Massdrop? Emailing customer service got me a referral to the "[your item is late and we will let you know]" email that gave no information. Pressing on the actual reason this was delayed got me a runaround response.

@Massdrop -- if you provided even an ounce of transparency it would go a long way. If it's going to be two months until I receive an item when it was estimated at one month, tell us why. There has to be a reason, and revealing that reason would go a long way to retain customers you are ultimately going to lose if these types of things keep happening.
Ditto, they need to hire someone competent enough to at least realize all we need is a tidbit to keep us in the loop. Instead they look like uncaring (incompetent) jerks that don't feel we deserve any updates at all. This incident only adds to the badwill growing with my experiences at massdrop. Very disappointing.
It's beginning to feel less like I ordered from Massdrop and more like I backed something on Kickstarter
So... do we have to pay extra to get updates on this drop? It’s been a few weeks and not a single word from massdrop. If this was a custom set/new set I would understand, but it comes standard on Ducky keyboards, so the stock must be there, no?
Any other updates on this?
So 10 days late to ship and still no word on what the problem is or when it will ship?
At this point I'm wondering whether this or my backordered Prusa will ship first lol. 10 days when they took the orders a month ago is just silly
Another late shipping drop? Not a very good trend Massdrop seems to be on... :(
I don't get the colorway complaints. Not only is it not a copy (the modifiers are dark-grey, not navy blue), but you can't even buy Nautilus at this point. (mechmarket/second-hand doesn't count as it doesn't support the designer)
The drop description blatantly says "midnight blue modifiers" so I would say that they are in fact navy and not grey.
That's still not "navy blue". It's a gray-ish blue hue.

But either way -- it's not like Nautilus.
Compatible with Corsair K65?
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The spacebar won't fit. K65 has a 6.5U spacebar, this keycap set has 6.25U. Two of the other bottom row keys also won't fit. The windows keys and the right-click key are 1U on K65, and 1.25U on this keycap set.
I dont think ctrl fits either but alt does, at least its all bottom row.