Ducky Horizon PBT Doubleshot Keycap Setsearch

Ducky Horizon PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

Ducky Horizon PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

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I hope this comes in ISO layout aswell!
No yellow modifier keycaps. Please confirm
Just received mine today but did anyone else get their yellow modifier keycaps?
I didn’t receive any
Anyone else having issues with these keycaps sticking? I just put them on a Magicforce68 that I got from here about a year ago.

With my old keycaps the spacebar works perfectly, with the new Ducky it looks like the right stabilizer is just slightly off and thus causing rub on the square housing of my Cherry Stabilizer. Does that warrant a replacement of that single keycap? Should I just see about sanding it? It's pretty bad, like I press the spacebar and it just stays down. I've been using my thumb to pull it back up and each press. Obviously just going back to an older keycap until I can resolve it.
Would these work on a Das Keyboard? Or will there be issues with the space bar?
They should work on a das
Specs say front printed, all other indicators say (or show) top printed, so which is it?
It's top printed
Does anyone else find it really off-putting that they leave the caps lock LED hole in the mold for none shine through key caps?
This previous drop delay 2 months
Good looking set! If I still had my Shine 4, I may have copped.
I have this set on my Ducky ONE 2 at work and it is lethal.
That looks really good with the dark blue case. How is the quality? Can you compare them with anything else?
The case actually is actually more purple in person. As per quality it is truly the best keyboard I have ever typed on but there are a lot of keyboards out there that I have not tried yet such as Leopold, Filco and others that I hear are of similar build quality.
If ducky is able to produce doubleshot PBT keycaps for 40 bucks, why all those fancy "premium" manufacturers with their 100-200 bucks abs keycaps can't do the same?
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It does not answer why premium manufacturers can not make doubleshot pbt. I mean dye sub are fine but their legends can not be lighter then caps.
The difference is tooling. PBT shrinks at a different rate than ABS when cooling. The "premium" keycap producers (like Signature Plastics) use the same tooling for their PBT and ABS and make some allowances for that shrinkage. When you're talking about two different temperatures of plastic, the legends will have serious issues if they're still using the same ABS molds.
Companies like Tai-Hao and Ducky have the benefit of considerably cheaper labor for making their new molds as well as likely having started with molds that were made for doubleshot PBT. Signature Plastics would have to spend many tens of thousands of dollars to redo all their molds with (from their standpoint) little return on their investment until much later in their production cycle. While we can say "we want to buy this stuff!", that doesn't mean that we would be willing to subsidize their costs, so for them it's a risky cost to incur for themselves with no guarantee they will be able to turn a profit.
With that in mind... Signature Plastics has said they're getting PBT specific molds now. It might be a while before they get to doubleshot PBT, but I'm sure it will be coming soon.
My set arrived this week, very impressed with it however it differs slightly to the photo in that the Caps Lock doesn't have a backlit indicator on it. Not a deal breaker - keys feel awesome to the touch. Worthy purchase.

Edit - Photo added, currently rocking a Ducky Shine 5. After using the set for a couple of days I wish the legends were the same yellow as the Enter keys, or at least brighter like Nautilus. They are pretty hard to see at night. That said, it is improving my touch typing.