Ducky ONE Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard + Keycapssearch

Ducky ONE Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard + Keycaps

Ducky ONE Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard + Keycaps

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Does anyone know if they either have leds or can be modded to have them?
This keyboard has no led backlight and there is no reasonable way to add one.
1. I was wondering what the DIP switches do, and it looks like I've found the answer:

I was hoping for DIP switch functionality similar to what WASD puts on their boards, which supports a number of scenarios and seems to be a well-considered solution. But unfortunately the DIP switch functionality offered here seems much less useful.

2. Regarding the price listing, why?

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Thanks for that! Looks like the instructions for the Ducky Shine 6 are pretty well done. Just curious, in your use of the Shine 6, have you found it handy being able to finely customize the location of the Fn key?
I haven't tried relocating the Fn key, but it seems really handy if you intend to use the keyboard with different operating systems.
My ducky9008P just drank it's last cop of coffe and got fried. These are the closest ones I guess.
Is there any way one could order 2 keyboards with different mx keys?
at the join page you should be able to "add" another one with other switches instead of changing quantity to 2 (which lets you not change the options).
shipping to Europe is cheaper than from, so users from the EU are saving on this deal, apart from the extra keycaps, but sadly no MX clears.
For anyone in the US this doesn't give any sort of benefit.
I guess the discount is that you get the additional key caps in a random color?

Beautiful keyboard for sure, but I'm not feeling this one at all.
No savings at all and you get to wait until November 14th for this to ship....what a deal.

Same price and no wait (looks like they have the other switch options as well):
what a discount /s
What is a speed silver switch?
Had the same question - found this:
Interested in this but seriously there is no price reduction?
Is this a US-layout keyboard?
Reduced to $99 from $99?! I don't even know what to do with all the savings.
My brain is attracted to discounted me.
Not sure how they're double shot PBT when they are simply black PBT keycaps that are side-printed...
Can someone clarify this please?
maybe the bonus keycaps are doublehsot.
maybe, but it's kinda misleading to label double-shot pbt all over the place if only the bonus keycaps are "double-shot"
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