Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeanssearch

Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans

Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans

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Throwing on the first pair of pants you find may keep your legs warm, but it hardly locks down your look. With a comfortable fit, durable materials, and expert tailoring that looks great with nearly any outfit, the only downside to Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans is trying to talk yourself out of wearing them every day.

Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans
Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans

Deluxe Denim

Arriving in a deep indigo and fading with wear, the jeans are made from 13.5 oz raw denim sourced from Nihon Menpu in Japan. They produce all of their denim with manual shuttle looms, traditional dying processes, and vintage style, solidifying their status as a leading source of premier denim. Assembled in the USA, Dyer & Jenkins brings the jeans together with selvedge seams for added durability.

Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans
Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans

Dyer Straights

The jeans are finished off with standard chain-stitching at the hem and a felled inseam featuring an indigo thread top stitch. Not content to simply staple on some standard pockets, Dyer & Jenkins designed deeper and wider pocket openings and filled them with heavy 7 oz 100% cotton pocketing, giving your stuff extra insurance against escape. As for the fit, the high-rise jeans sit at your true waist and finish in straight legs. For a slimmer fit, order one size down, and for a relaxed fit, order true to size.

Dyer & Jenkins 002 Raw Denim Jeans


  • 13.5 oz Nihon Menpu raw selvedge denim
  • Fit- high-rise, straight leg
  • Deeper/wider pocket opening
  • Heavy 7 oz 100% cotton pocketing
  • Hidden selvedge coin pocket
  • Standard chain-stitching on hem
  • Felled inseam with indigo thread top stitch
  • Made in the USA
  • Final sale


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Estimated ship date is Apr 17, 2014 PT.

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