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Ecovacs Deebot R96 Robotic Wi-Fi Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot R96 Robotic Wi-Fi Vacuum

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How is this different from the R95?
Anyone know the exact voltage of this item? This ships only in US so i plan to use a reshipping company but our country use 220v. Is it possible to request?
Either Massdrop has the model number wrong or it has used the wrong images. Which is is massdrop?
I really want to know this answer too. I'd buy the actual R96, but not the one shown.
If this is really the R96 then its a really good deal. While I didn't find the R96 on website, I did find a link to the owner manual there and it appears nearly identical to the R98. The R98 is the ONLY robot vacuum I have previously seen that not only empties itself but includes a separate wand vacuum similar to the Dyson's V6-v10 line but with a shoulder strap. Amazon has the R96 and includes images that confirm this additional functionality. The R98 is priced at $700!
I was curious if anyone has used this with medium length carpet. I have a hard floors, but a rug in my living room. I have tried out the N79S and it would immediately stop the moment its whole body was on the carpet. I also tried the Roomba 980 and had similar things happen where I would get a text in the middle of the day telling me the robot was stuck on a cliff. Im playing Detroit: Become Human right now and I don't wan't my vacuum to be anxious about cliffs.

So, TLDR: I have roughly 1in carpet, has anyone had any success with this model with similar obstacles?
How does this compare to the Deebot Ozmo 930? I can't find the R96 anywhere, not even Ecovacs' own site. I can find the R95 and R98.

It looks like maybe the R96 doesn't have the ability to identify carpet/bare floor while the 930 can?
i bought this unit but what i got was a Ecovacs Slim 2, is anyone else having the same issue?
Is it compatible with 220v 50/60hz?
has this drop met the minimum yet?
What benefits does this have over the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, they look pretty similar
Nice it also vacuums the house and gives you wifi while at it.
Does anyone know how this model differs from the N79 that the wirecutter recommends?
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I have the N79 and I love it. Like Rexar5 says, the N79 is a "dumb" smart vac that navigates via algorithm and uses wifi to set scheduled run times, view consumables usage (battery life, brush life), and manually direct it. It it's "dumb" because bumps something, and how it bumps tells the algorithm to turn it around a certain amount of degrees, and moves on. It detects a couch edge or cabinet/wall edge, it goes into edging mode and runs along it to clean. Eventually it will cover everything over the course of probably two runs. I schedule it to run every day. That said I have a short pile floor rug that it has no problems with. With medium+ pile carpet I wouldn't recommend it. My house is hard floors except for the bedrooms so I just shut the room doors at night. Really, the purpose was to get most of the crumbs off the floor each day because we have a toddler and can't bust out the big vacuum as frequently as necessary.

The only issue I have is, the wife and I think the sensing ability of the N79 decreased after the first two weeks. I may be wrong but I swear initially it could detect walls, cabinets, and big furniture and slow down when approaching without colliding. This made it very quiet as it wouldn't slam into doors while you're asleep. Now though it has to make contact with everything, which not only increases the noise, but also changes its behavior algorithm because it reacts differently when detecting by proximity versus detecting by bumping. I've cleaned the front bumper where all the sensors see through and it made no difference. Still, the thing rolls over pretty much every square foot and does edging around the sofa and cabinets, so I can't complain too much. Walking on the floors barefoot speaks for itself.
The R96 is much higher with many more features. Including working on both carpet and hard flooring
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