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I'm looking to upgrade the speakers on a player piano I have acquired to something more appropriate/complimentary (there's currently a set of chintzy Altec Lansing computer speakers with subwoofer circa 2004 attached. Too tinny and bass-y at the same time.... ugh) I need something with enough control and decent sound staging to not over power the piano but still fill a decent sized room. Basically I need some bass, but don't need so much that it steps over the piano (like what's currently attached to it.)

Hopefully someone with experience with both can answer but, will these be sufficient for my needs, or would something like the S1000DB be a better choice?
I'm doing an organ project right now, and I finally have it almost finished. I tried non powered speakers with a fairly weak amp and you can hardly tell it's making noise. Will these have enough power for a decently powerful sound for a practice organ? Not looking for "superb sound quality" just for practice. I' been into high end headphones (studio stuff) for a while but I'm looking for a semi budget speaker to practice my organ on.
Are these always bluetooth or you have the choice of using bluetooth or wired?
I wanted Edifier S1000DB at minimum or Elac B6s + DAC/amp to be my first sound investment, but these look so convenient. Powered & Bluetooth. Ahh, so many awesome audio choices to make.
So I got in on this drop a while ago, and I have to say that the sound quality and appearance of these speakers is fantastic.

I do have one issue, though, and it is completely preventing me from using these speakers in certain contexts.
That issue is that the speakers are the sexiest thing in my room, me included. I have to hide them if I bring a girl home, or she'll be more interested in the speakers than in me.

If customer support could let me know if there is a fix for this issue, I would appreciate it.
Is there an update on this order?
So, these sound pretty good. Anyone have speaker stand recommendations for them? I'm trying to fit them on my IKEA-hacked standing desk, so I need them up about 18 to 24 inches.
Can anyone give me the big differences between these ($250 on Amazon) and the Edifier S1000DB ($350 on Amazon)

I really want these! Great price. I got the $99 set for my friend's birthday and all I can think about is getting my own higher-end set...lol.
Consumer Reports strongly prefers this model to the other... so there's that.
I couldn't be happier with these speakers. I had a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers that gave up (after about 10 years). I replaced them initially with a pair of Edifier R1700BT on a friend's suggest, they sounded leaps and bounds better than the Klipsch but were lacking SOMETHING. On a whim I purchased these R2000DB to compare. They had that extra power I was missing and filled out the low end nicely! Comparing them to the memory of my Klipsch and A/B to the R1700BT there really is no comparison. These sounded better top to bottom than the Klipsch (though honestly that's just not even a fair comparison), and filled out the lows better than the 1700.

For reference, I use these 95% for music and a movie thrown in here and there. Prior to purchasing I considered the Audioengine A2 & A5+ (both listened at a friend's place), the Edifier R1700BT (direct comparison), the JBL LSR305 & KRK Rokit 5 (listened at Guitar Center), as well as just purchasing a new set of the Klipsch.
How does this compare to a2 or a5 from audioengine?
These sound horrible for me. Inferior to my Polk Hampdeno at work and way worse than LSR 305s. Even Klipsch Promedia 2.1 sounded much better.
I checked these out on Chinese websites and I am surprised Edifier is much less expensive when sold in China. These go for 800 RMB (116 USD) from Edifier's official website.

Man..... I'm really surprised I hopped on this deal. Probably my most expensive tech piece I've bought.... (Besides console of course)
Now this is a good deal! Bravo, MD.
These vs Kanto yumi/Yu5?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the R2000DB is rear ported like the Kanto speakers. It's the R1700BT that are front ported.
You're right, I stand corrected!
Reminder: Consumer Reports loved these things. I bought a pair and love it myself. You should buy.
Anybody know how these compare to the Eclipse e25HD Luna Eclipse Speakers? I got a pair for myself at Christmas and absolutely love them. I have been hoping they would drop again, because I need another set for a PC I have built for my nephew. These seem to have everything I love about the Luna's minus the aesthetics. Thanks,
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Thanks, I did see, but I went ahead and ordered these instead. With shipping these were only $7 more. The e25HD drop they have right now isn't as good as the last one. It seems to be about 20 to 30 more than the one from xmas once you add in the $30 uplift for the HD version and shipping. It was a tough choice, not made any easier by the Yu5's showing up in the audiophile community.
Let us know how you like them!