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Elecfreaks DIY DDS Digital Synthesis Kit

Elecfreaks DIY DDS Digital Synthesis Kit

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In addition to all of the below, the first 2 videos on google are "problem" videos - jeez.
Can someone at Massdrop verify that orders shipped to the US will come with a US power supply? After reading the post below by @jersey_boy, I have to ask.
This seems to be a function generator masquerading as a synthesizer.
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That's exactly what this is.

As a follower of synthesis, your money is better spent at places like http://noise.kitchen/ (checkout the Kastle & Kastle DIY kit)
When you talk about synthesizers in the context of a musical instrument yes. It has no musical properties, only math. Don't get me wrong - sound in time is math, and all sounds are composed of sinusoidal wave shapes.

However this kit is very much the exact thing you use as a bench function generator when working with signals in electronics.

Actual oscillators that are of high quality and tuned for music are different in many regards and approaches to th actual design.

Saying that, you can hook this in and sample it or mutate it and engineer it's output into anything given enough work and effort. After all you only really need a single sine wave to make any sound (as insane as that statement sounds).

Saying that though I would expect a synth to have control voltage for it's controls and inputs such as midi for controlling composition and timing. Otherwise I would just think of it as a function generator.
received the kit a week or two ago, built it last night at my local makerspace/hackerspace. some things to note, this was the first kit i ever built for anything and it was a breeze for me (never built a kit but have some experience soldering/amateur robotics). i wanted to build some mono amps, and i thought getting something with a moderately dense board would be a nice practice project first.

some things to note, there are no spare parts which is a problem for me because I broke one of the push switches handling it after soldering it (there are about 20 push button switches), and if you dont solder everything straight, the faceplate obviously wont fit and you will have to do a little rework. the directions for the second to last step, to attach the bnc connector, isnt great, it talks about cutting a wing on a collar off, and soldering a wire between two points- the pcb has a slot mount where you can just bend it and solder it right in without sourcing wire which i did just fine.

other thing to note, it came with a 2 prong euro power supply and i live in the states, so i have to score an adapter before i can find out if it works or i messed anything up.

was a pretty easy build, easy enough to do if you are a novice. might upload some pics later.
$47 from the manufacturer. http://www.accudiy.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_17
$32 on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-DDS-Function-Signal-Generator-Module-Sine-Triangle-Square-Wave-DiY-kits-/181973502046
Good lookin out dragonfax!
I applaud Massdrop for venturing into hosting products like this. They just need to do as much pricing research as Massdrop users are willing to do.
A great kit! LOVE it
Fairly great! That's exactly what I want
$50 seems really steep for this...

you can get similar for less than probably $15 on eBay. Or if you want decent quality ones, probably ~$30 ish.
Rather new to massdrop, but.... what is the point of this drop, when the producer (elecfreak) himself is offering a better deal?
cf: http://www.elecfreaks.com/estore/diy-fg085-dds-digital-synthesis-function-generator-kit-with-panel.html
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Thanks! Gonna purchase it definitely on their website.
Just my two comparative cents...

If this product is like others I've seen on Massdrop (a big "if", I know), the basic production and concept are produced in China and resold (and legally rebranded) in the US (and elsewhere). The versions listed on eBay and via JYE will ship from China, will be impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to replace or return, you'll pay $$$ for return shipping on refunds, and it will probably (but may not, in my experience) come with everything you need to use it out of the box. The version available directly from Elecfreaks is more expensive when you add in shipping and will be no faster to ship.

For me, bottom line, I'll buy this from Massdrop because returns/replacement will be simple, if even needed, and the price is reasonable when compared to other domestic suppliers.
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