Ensso PIUMA Black Aluminum Fountain Pensearch

Ensso PIUMA Black Aluminum Fountain Pen

Ensso PIUMA Black Aluminum Fountain Pen

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Got my Piuma today and I'm having a lot of issues writing with it. First of all, right out of the box the nib did not sit tight on the feed and had a lot of wiggle room, this was an easy adjust. When writing however, the nib has a very hard time starting: it usually takes a few strokes to get the pen to write and it will suddenly stop just a few seconds into the writing session. Mine also takes a bit more pressure to write compared to my Lamy Safari and Al-star. I would say my Piuma pen writes about 30% of the time (It's that bad). Theres also a huge gap between the tines of the nib which creates a lot of railroading. I will continue to test it throughout the week before contacting Ensso Support. I'm wondering if anyone else is having these issues.
I wanted to follow up and give credit where credit is due.
I contacted Ensso about the nib last evening and received a reply today. These days, just getting a reply is good customer service.

I was informed that often the black coated nibs can be a bit rough, but will smooth out over use. Apparently they should become as smooth as the polished nibs.

The gentleman that replied said I can send back the black nib for a polished replacement.
Because I had such a great experience with the polished nib on the brass PIUMA, I am going to make the switch to a polished nib for the black pen as well.

It might not look as cool, but I hope it will be as terrific as my other PIUMA.

I did want to leave that information as it reflects well on Ensso to stand behind their products.
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namirk - I contacted them through their website.
I haven’t ever had problem with anything I’ve purchased on Massdrop, you An ask @liz if you can go through Massdrop for an exchange.
You can slowly polish it by rubbing it on cardboard or buffing with jeweler rouge
I received my pen yesterday, and I have had the same experience as j-e-g. Nib sucks! it barely writes, skips on the rare occasion it does start, and is just a beautiful disaster. Not sure how to go about requesting a new nib, I am a bit of noob w fountain pens.
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Let me know how it works - 🙂
Just got back from out of town. I had left the black ink cartridge in for the week and gave it one last shot before attempting to flush as I was recommended to do. It actually writes pretty well now. Maybe I needed to give the ink cartridge more time to prime the nib. I'm sure if I had used the converter and sucked some ink through the feed this would have gone faster.
My pen arrived today, USA Michigan. I love the pen - hate the nib. 🙁.
I hate leaving negative feedback, I much prefer to hate info on the positive points of items I have purchased from Massdrop. But I am feeling quite bummed, I was SO looking forward to having another Ensso PIUMA. ( I purchased the brass PIUMA - loved the pen and the wonderful nib on that one. So I joined this drop without hesitation. Review left on the drop page )
However, I am disappointed in the nib on this black aluminum PIUMA. It is really scratchy and stiff. A definite paper shredder and a little like fingernails on a chalkboard.
I am actually shocked at the difference between the silver Bock nib on the brass PIUMA and this black Bock nib. I wonder if it has anything to do with the black coating on the nib ?
This nib is a NO go for me and, as is, will get little use. @liz Is it possible to get a different nib, with hopes that it will be like the nib on my brass PIUMA ?
I will add, I am glad I got the brass pen first and love everything about it, super smooth nib. Because I loved that pen, I bought this one, expecting another great writing pen/nib.
Manufacturers often get one chance to set a first impression, my first was excellent. Had I received the Black PIUMA with this nib, it is doubtful that I would have purchased another Ensso/PIUMA product. I had my sights set on the raw aluminum next, but now rethinking that. Theroc can you tell me how you like your pen, moreso the nib on yours ?
Kiitos !
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Thanks for replying @Theroc 🙂
The black nib is new to me... not much “stealthy” about me 😉 But admit it did have a good look with the pen, which I do love.
I was hoping for feedback from others that have the pen and black nib to see if this was a problem for anyone else. I will look in to exchanging the nib - Thank you my friend 👍🏻
Mine is not having any issues. This black medium bock is exactly the same feel as my Lamy M 14kt nib, and my Caran d'Ache brand Bock M Stainless Steel. Even aggressive scribbling doesn't show any signs of tearing/shredding. If yours is actually shredding paper, perhaps use a wetter ink until you get a replacement.
Are we going to get an update an time soon? Haven’t heard a peep since November 6th.
shipping to israel? is that available and, if yes, how much would that be?
I would get it if it had an option to choose 1.1 stub... Otherwise I don't see a strong reason to buy this pen just to swap the nib with the JoWo #6 from Goulet/Franklin-Christoph.
Fountain pen newbie here. Can someone please explain what is meant by: "...designed to be used without posting." Thanks.
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Some post deeply (e.g. the Franklin-Christoph Model 02), others don't post at all (e.g. Edison Collier)!
Some pens are made where you cannot place the cap on back of pen when writing. Either it makes the pen too heavy or pen is long enough with cap or just design factor.
I ordered the medium nib drop last time it was available, and unfortunately it has been an utter disappointment despite thorough cleanings and multiple ink types. Hopefully it is a one-off, but would not order this pen again after my experience.
I just joined the drop. Can you elaborate on "disappointment despite thorough cleanings"? Not sure what you mean by this, is it the feed?
Yes, the ink flow has been inconsistent but mostly dry, and writing on clairefontaine paper (e.g. Rhodia books and pads) has been scratchy more than smooth. I have cleaned with distilled water (not tap) and commercially available cleaning solutions without much improvement. I have not used abrasives to try fine-tuning the nib, or anything that would void a warranty.
I'm think this looks like a great pen, but am interested in getting it with their 1.1 nib (on website) Will that be possible at all? I don't see it as an option on the drop nib choice menu. Thanks