Ensso PIUMA Brass Fountain Pensearch

Ensso PIUMA Brass Fountain Pen

Ensso PIUMA Brass Fountain Pen

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The idea of a pen without a clip, is that it's intended for use at your desk--preferably your home desk, or in your home journal. In those settings, the clip is mostly superfluous.

Now, who can answer my question: does that cap post as well as it seems too in the photos?
Arrived looking and weighing at least as good as in the pictures. It's heavy, even by heavy pen standards.
I chose the black Bock type 250 (I think) fine nib, which almost matches the medium on my Monteverde Invincia Stealth, and it contrasts nicely with the almost golden fresh brass.
Cap and barrel unscrew and screw precisely, making a delightful brassy ringing sound as they touch.
Inked with Parker Quink Black sucked up into the converter, it writes smoothly and easily.
Just an FYI - I received an email from Ensso and the raw aluminum pens will be available again in a few months.
If you’re loving the pen but worried about the weight of the brass pen, maybe MD can work a drop with options for the raw aluminum or black aluminum.
I did get the brass and black one on MD and there is a big difference in the weight. I like them both. Good to have options :)
The pen is heavy, but exceptionally well balanced and writes like a dream. I have been using it for a few months now and I'm very happy with the purchase.
Is there a clip that fits on this pen? The only thing stopping me from buying this is a lack of a clip.
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My EDC pen is a very conservative UK made stainless steel Parker Jotter. My signatory pen is also just a conservative Cross fountain pen. Though I don't see a lot of love online for Cross pens, I love Cross pens because of my history with them growing up.
I agree, I too used Cross pens for many years and their name seems to be absent here and in social media. I just saw they released the Ti version of the Piuma. 😬😬😬, I actually would have preferred the brass version. Maybe I’ll give this one a chance tho.

I overextended myself elf and bought like four pens lately, I need to slow down. I also got a light and a knife. So... I might let these go by until I pick up a Karas Kustom INK fountain pen with a medium nib and brass or copper grip. Ahn-young Mr. Jung, until we speak again.
Got my pen. Ordered an EF nib, but the nib feels wider than that...but there's no marking on the pen, so I can't tell if the EF is just wider than I'm used to, or if I was accidentally sent an M nib.
its a bummer that the nibs are not marked...
I did end up contacting Massdrop. They gave me a credit for a new nib. The EF nib I purchased direct from Ensso was way smaller than the nib that came with the pen. So, Ensso must have mispackaged some of their pens.
jceaser - I found this nib to be very smooth an it is a fairly “wet” nib, at least mine was. I know there are many brands that have inks that many folks describe as drier ink. I had received a sample of Diamine Eclipse this summer and tried it in my PIUMA. I read some reviews of the ink and noted that some found it to run drier .. so thought it might be a good match. The ink was dry in some of my pens, especially those with more flexible nibs, the ink had trouble keeping up. It works really well in the PIUMA - keeps it from being too wet and runs well with the nib. Eclipse may not be a blue-black you like ( slightly leaning purple ) but I find it shades and looks great in this pen...
I am sure someone can point you in the direction of drier inks... and/or spend some time reading reviews on the sites where you shop for inks 😀
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Hahaha, no... it doesn’t change a thing, we can still be MD pen pals. I wear my heart on my sleeve so no worries. I’m pretty sure all the repenting and atoning will not get me there... however, it doesn’t change my opinion i still think you’re cooler than a pack of peppermints. 😎👍we can swap stories anytime, I’m all ears and only slight to moderate judgements. 🤗
All is well then... I love good chat and connecting with “pen-pals”. Especially those with any sense of humor... and not likely to be offended. Since we all occasionally spill ignorance from our mouths.
I got a feeling you’ll avoid purgator... you may be doomed to some frat club in the sky for eternity.. but is perhaps a better alternative than... well.
I have been absent from MD for a spell, down in Florida helping take areof my Ma. I have missed batting with the pen folks... so thanks for the chat this evening.
Gave me a few laughs... Rember if you need to ask for ink recommendations...DON’T ask me... 😂😂😂
I joined the drop for the brass Ensso PIUMA pen - It arrived weeks ago, but I was out of town for an extended period and am just getting to enjoy it 😀
I rely on and appreciate feedback, reviews and suggestions from others. so I wanted to post feedback about the PIUMA , (Bock Fine nib )
I totally love this pen - Yes, the pen is very heavy.. I have always shied away from heavier pens and pens with metal grip sections, thinking they would be slippery and difficult to grip. ( Having arthritis, I thought a heavy pen might be too fatiguing and/or difficult for my grip )
I am finding that not to be the case, at least with this pen. I actually like the weight of this pen. I think the overall design and features of the PIUMA make this pen work for me. Including the weight, the larger grip diameter which flares out to provide a bit of a "grip stop" , and the smooth Bock nib. The best I can describe it is that the weight lessens the amount of pressure downward. It allows me to ease up on my grip as I am guiding the pen strokes. No doubt the super smooth Bock nib is perfect and the whole experience is effortless. The nib allows for some nice line variation with just a small amount of pressure - always an added bonus.
This is my first Bock nib.. totally love it ! Often pens offer the option to upgrade to a Bock nib... In the future, I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade.
The overall design of the PIUMA works flawlessly for me. Like I said, I have been reluctant to join drops for a number pens described as "heavy". I can now take a second look at them 😀
My thoughts exactly. Uniquely heavy pen with an exceptionally good nib.
Disregard, you nailed it here. Cheers.
Having trouble with ink flow in this pen, which is not consistent. I find I have to force some ink out by turning the plunger in the cartage, but then I end up with to much. What can I do to get better flow out of the pen? I tried taking it all apart and cleaning it, but that only worked for about a day. More tips would be appreciated. Also, the ink I have is a little thick if inks can be described that way, almost like an oil.
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I have the same leaking issue with a Delta with a "Fusion" nib. I literally had a private reserve electric blue DC cartridge empty out through the nib on my way home from work (I had it in the box it came in, or else I would have had it upright). I have never had any of my Japanese or Pelikan pens leak, but I thought it might be just a Fusion nib thing. Perhaps this is more common than we realize.
so any suggestion on how to prevent this, the pen is not trusted enough to take out with me in the wild now.
Bummer - had intended to join this drop and thought I had until the end of today. Guess I'm a day late and a pen short ...
The drop is back up, FYI.