Envelope-Style Mechanical Keyboard Storage Pouchsearch

Envelope-Style Mechanical Keyboard Storage Pouch

Envelope-Style Mechanical Keyboard Storage Pouch

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It's $8.80 on kbdfans website...
Yeah just got one there and it has free shipping..
I got this the last time it dropped in July, a TKL for my Novatouch. Quality and craftsmanship are good, and the material is nice.

There is one thing I dislike though: For keyboards with removable usb cables, there is no room for the cable. If you're one of those savages who just wraps the cable around the keyboard a couple times, then this can fit both. But if you like to detach your cable, neatly wrap it up, and secure it with a tie, then you will find it challenging to fit both in the pouch neatly.
Attention all readers: If you are one of the absolute madmen who wraps their cable around the keeb and just throws it in your bag right then and there, step forward immediately and let the ban hammer smash you. Take your punishment with pride, and only come back when you're truly ready; truly pure.
Think the 60% will fit the whitefox keyboard or should I suck it up with the TKL?
will the 60% one fit the tada68?
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I ordered, what looks to be the exact same bag from KBDfans. He told me the 60% would fit the tada68.

I'm still waiting on mine so i can't confirm though.
He told me the same thing but i have a bag for my v60 from another style but it is very tight on the tada68 and some keys are always pressed when inside it.
I want one of these for my num pad, I commited for a TKL but now want one for my traveling num pad, if the manufacture sees this and wants to supply one, get at me, it'd make a sexy little set.
seconding this!
Why Joaquin Phoenix Doesn’t Wear Leather NSFW/NSFL (Warning! Viewer discretion is advised)
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShnrCG1pVo
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PU leather does contain real leather
Why has this not been removed yet? Come on mods, this isn't what I came here to see.
Not good quality case. Was much larger than TKL, and it came with a rip/cut. Material is lousy. But Massdrop was good enough to refund.
What are the dimensions of the 60%?
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you can assume it should be a poker 3 size with oem profile keycaps.
He might have a point, the description says the fullsize case is " 16.5 x 6.9 x 0.3 in (41.9 x 17.5 x 0.8 cm). " So maybe 9.9 * 4.14 * .3 in, with the 60% in mind?
Damn this is so much more expensive than Taobao
I didn't check taobao but the prices are also much better here: https://kbdfans.cn/collections/keyboard-part/products/pu-artificial-leather-keyboard-bag