ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)search

ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

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Hard call. I got the Acer XR38. It's within the weight of the standard just but so was this cheap Chinese thing I got which couldn't handle it.

Anyone in the same shoes with experience?

Standard or Heavy Duty best for a 7.81kg / 17.22lbs...?
Need the FDM-MAC-S01 for iMacs!!!!
looks nice and a great price, wish it shipped to Canada
Same here :(
I wish we could filter it for were it can go.
< $30 gets you a very good and strong monitor arm. No need for this.
The arm is sturdy and articulates my 28 inch monitor into a variety of useful positions.
ErgoTech/Massdrop, please update us. What's happened? It's already 10 days with no update. Are you not going to fulfill the drop?
Anyone a part of the recent drop receive the item or tracking info? So far I've only received an email alerting me to a possible delay.

Any info you may be able to provide MegG45
Got mine today and had it installed with my LG 34" Ultrawide. If anyone is curious which mount to get, standard or heavy duty, check the weight of the monitor without its static stand. On LG's website, mine is said to be 18.5 lbs with the included monitor stand. But once you remove that, the monitor actually weighs less and is perfect for the Freedom Arm standard size. Initially I thought of getting the HD since mine was presumed at 18.5, but the standard was perfect with the weight of the monitor to rise up and down.

I really like the quality of this mount, doesn't look or feel lesser quality. The tools and bolts came in individual sealed and label plastic bags. Very straight forward installation.
Good to hear! I had a similar bout of confusion regarding weight (with/without existing stand).

I'm surprised though, you said yours arrived on 5/12??? I thought they weren't even supposed to ship until 5/14. :0
It looks like this will ship on May 14th; what is the typical shipping speed?
Edit: Sounds like 3-8 days from the FAQ. So, fairly good odds!
Can you put two arms on one stand? I already own a Standard Freedom Arm
Yes, you Can. I currently have two monitors on the same pole. My only gripe is that if you have large monitors (27"+) you lose out on flexibility of placement as they might over lap each other.
Would this work with the VAST monitor from massdrop?
yes, Both the HD and the PC models have vesa compatibility (100x100mm) with the VAST monitor.
Would be nice if this shipped internationally.
I would really like to get the heavy duty version of this for my monitor but I’m just unsure if it will mount to it properly or not. I have a 32 inch Samsung LC32HG70QQNXZA.... there are so many mixed comments on amazon about its mounting size.... I’ve seen on say it has only 50x50 vesa mount support and then someone else said it has 100x100.... I’m just confused at that point and I can’t find the info anywhere on Samsung’s site. So if anyone has tried to mound one of samsungs weld monitors please share some info
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Id recommend the HD just to be sure. And since they are the same price, you might as well go with the one that has the higher weight limit.
Thank you. I ordered 2 HD versions.
it seemed like the right choice.
I need a REALLY fast response cuz the drop is ending in 2 hrs. what are the box dimensions?
For the next drop (4/26/18)- if you are still interested
12lbs 18" 17" 6"