ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)search

ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

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I've got the ErgoTech Freedom Heavy Duty with a Dell 32" monitor. Build quality is great and the gas shock adjustment works really well and seems to hold up. The one issue is the spring that controls the tilt (hinge joint just behind where the monitor attaches). It was fine at first, but now is getting too loose - to the point where no matter how the tilt is set, it will just droop down so that the monitor no longer remains perpendicular to the horizontal. Anyone else encounter this?
My order was canceled :(
Backordered... its only been 2 days ;(
I was about to order it.. and it closed lol im dumb
Worldwide shipping would've been nice :(
Hey Massdrop,

How about an update for those of us who joined the drop in July. It's going on 2 weeks past the original ship date (8/7) without any communication.
This is not shipping to Europe (The Netherlands). I'm very disappointed
tSo to previous people that have bought the product, have they bought any parts that needs replacement?

For example, when first setting up, there's an o-ring with an allen key socket, the product comes with an allen wrench but, the one I ordered several months ago was missing the actual hex socket. Basically it's the o-ring that holds up the monitor arm to the stand/mount.
I joined the last drop on 7/23 for $62.99 and they cancelled my order without a word. I found out due to a paypal refund on 8/7. After contacting support, they claimed to have sent an email stating the cancellation due to a back ordered product. That email never reached me if indeed it was sent. I ended up purchasing it from Amazon for $84 and I very much enjoy it. Massdrop gave me a $10 credit which I'm using to get a second one with this drop.

Just be aware that customer service is severely lacking here. Not only did they fail to fulfill their obligation last time, I wasn't notified, there wasn't an explanation anywhere on the website other than it was cancelled, they only offered $10 for the trouble, and they didn't inform me that they were doing another drop so soon. I might have waited a little had I known it would have been offered again so soon. At the very least they could have asked if I minded waiting on the back order or be auto joined to the next drop.

Point is, don't expect to much if/when things go wrong. Massdrop has lost it's sheen for me.
Hate replying to myself but it seems appropriate here. They just cancelled my order AGAIN!!

Still no email, found out again via paypal. Is anyone really receiving this item from Massdrop? I'm guessing they really didn't want to lose that whopping $10 credit they issued me. I think I'm done with this place.
Read through a ton of comments, and did a search so I apologize if this has been answered; but can this be mounted upside down to hang off a shelf on my desk's hutch? Downsizing my office in anticipation of twins...
I've tried something like that before, just make sure you have the mounting securely tightened and on a solid surface.
It's been 9 days Massdrop.
Give us the good good.
I joined the last drop for this arm and It actually shipped out a week early so I wonder what the hold up is this time.
Are these shipping out this week? Estimated ship day was 8/7.
still waiting for a tracking details email :/
MassDrop ... any news here?
So I bought the HD mount for a monitor that only weighs 8lbs and even with a 5lb weight added I can still only get the monitor to lower a couple inches without springing back up. My fault, I know, but I was planning to buy a heavier monitor later this year. I would say even if your monitor weighs close to that 20lb mark you should only get the SD version. Other than that the quality and look is amazing and I'll be biting the bullet for the SD version in the mean time.
Hard call. I got the Acer XR38. It's within the weight of the standard just but so was this cheap Chinese thing I got which couldn't handle it.

Anyone in the same shoes with experience?

Standard or Heavy Duty best for a 7.81kg / 17.22lbs...?