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ESEE 5 Full-Tang Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE 5 Full-Tang Fixed Blade Knife

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I would have joined this drop in a second except the price is no bargain.
Is it really so that if I dont add the sheath, it will only be the knife? If so, why would anyone buy without the sheath? Would I carry it around in my hand all day..? If massdrop could clarify it would be appreciated.
Some people will get a custom sheath so they don't need the added expense. That said you can pick this up for less than list price here with or without sheath pretty much anywhere that sells knives online. unless you live outside the US (with international shipping, who knows?)
Personally, I'd end up making a sheath for this beastly thing regardless, especially if the alternative is an $80 piece of Kydex. That said, still not a great deal for this blade, and if I'm honest I'd rather get the ESEE 6.
Was thinking wow great deal until I saw +$80 for the sheath. Am I missing something? You can buy this all day with sheath for $160. Not from shady Amazon resellers but bladehq and the like. Unless international skipping is absolutely insane to where you live, this is a terrible deal.
Yep, I just read through it and thought the same exact thing. Get your shit together Massdrop.
is the price 119.99 or 129.99??
$129.99 if 5 people buy in, $124.99 if 10 people commit.
I have this exact knife in my wife's SUV for road trips and emergencies. This knife is a beast. ESEE is a stand up company with a no questions asked lifetime warranty. The price? Disappointing.

You can get several of these options with the sheath in the $140s and delivered by Friday...
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Jonasheinemanp + I was comparing the Massdrop price of $119.99 + $80 sheath (totaling $199.99) for knife & sheath to the current price at Amazon of just over $140.00 for the same knife & sheath.
Ah, I see - okay, well it's hard to argue with math. Thanks for clarifying my clarification, I didn't understand the sheath was included in one but not the other. If it's a legit seller, seems like a great price.
I received it today without kydex sheath!!
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I see a lot of hate for the 5 rolling around here. So I want to give my $.02. I carry the ESEE 5 six days a week. I wouldn't trade it for any other fixed blade. I wouldn't sell it for twice its worth. I absolutely love my 5. I work in the reclaimed wood business and the ESEE 5 doesn't give a second though to anything I ask of it. Pry a nail - sure. Mark a beam for a cut - no problem. Baton a 2x4 - piece of cake. Chop a 1x4 - hell yeah. Limbing small branches - you bet.

Not once has my ESEE 5 let me down.
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prob works vey welll for batoning.
Do you have the plain edge version?
I only have the 4, but when I was researching what esee model to buy I considered the 5 and 6. If I had to choose it would be the 6 due to its versatility as it was designed for bushcraft, camping, etc. The 5 is built for situations where you have to hack your way out of a downed aircraft. Which doesn't happen often in my world. Hiking yes.

Least that's how I understood it. When the esee 4 comes out at a fair price I highly recommend it. So far it outperforms my bigger knives. But then if I need to chop stuff I use my ax.
All of everything said in this post is right, in my opinion. Yes.
I picked this up in brand new condition with a lanyard and sheath for $20 at a pawn shop...
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Anything could happen. But with the quality and the fact that pawnshops never know what they have I doubt it. I will see if there are even fakes out there and let you know. I mean, I'm carrying a genuine 940-1 that I got for $100. The only ones I'm ever concerned about when I find them are Spydercos because there are a lot of fakes available of those online. You can always tell by the action whether those are fake though.
Well, I can't find any clones available anywhere. Typically they have to be a pretty popular knife to be cloned and I just can't see this knife having a high enough demand. I feel pretty confident it's legit.