ESEE 6 Series Fixed Blade Knife w/ Sheathsearch

ESEE 6 Series Fixed Blade Knife w/ Sheath

ESEE 6 Series Fixed Blade Knife w/ Sheath

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I bought this knife at very reasonable price from
I just got the email for this and an email form Smoky Mountain Knife Works literally one right after the other and SMKW has this exact knife on sale right now for LESS than Massdrop's price, only $109.99 for leather or kydex sheath with the ESEE-6
I bought a lot of stuff from Massdrop. I'm kinda OK with the long waiting, and I'm somewhat OK with no-return or difficult-to-return policy. For us to get a great deal from Massdrop, we have to put up these things, and for that I'm 100 percent OK. But what I'm really not OK is that lately, and especially in the Blades Community, the drop in price is easily matched by Amazon and even regular retailers. You want an ESEE 6? You can get it cheaper, faster and with a lot more variety of styles than here. Here's the place I'd go for:
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If you're thinking about getting an ESEE, esp from TKC, don't get G-10. I have the ESEE-3-MIL with G-10, and it is m nowhere near as good as the canvas/linen Micarta. You might as well get a plastic handle scale, as it is indistinguishable from plastic. Micarta is a far superior composite that I get on most of my knives that I have the option to; until I got the ESEE-3-MIL.
Thanks for the heads up!
I've had one for years. Fantastic knives. Here's a little off-topic anecdote:

I paracord-wrapped the sheath and one day was try to tighten it up... with the blade still inside. Accidentally pulled the blade out, and instinctively tried to replace it (in a split second).

Long story short, it went completely through my left hand and stuck about an inch out the other side. Somehow, it missed all the tendons etc that control my index and middle fingers - it went straight between them! I now have a scar that would make Jesus pround.
No photo? :)
I know this is is old but yeah, pics or it didn't happen!
Same price and gets here in 2 days prime:
Be careful when ordering ESEE from amazon. I am a user on the ESEE forums, amazon sellers have been known to sell counterfeit ESEE's.
Anyone here have any experience with customs here in Germany? I was just tracking my order when I saw that they have passed it on to customs. Now the last message is that an "item" has been delivered. Now I read that either it is the knife itself and I pay customs fee to the postal service or it is a letter that I have to show up to customs. Please help! I really want to have this knife before Christmas so that I can practice before I go on my first bushcraft trip early next year.

TLDR: anyone have experience with knives and German customs?
I think I chose the only option without the exposed tang/hammer on the base... oops.
I thought the price was actually pretty good. I got the Flat Dark Earth it came out cheaper than GPKNIVES.
I read "flat Earth", got triggered
Not the best price...

This knife has never sold for over 200 bucks. The deal is an illusion.
...OR get it here for less
My knife arrived! All I have to say is wow, what a knife. So glad I did this drop. It's big, with a nice heft to it. just the right size and weight for an all around camp/survival knife. The blade is very sharp. Not keen on the coating, but I understand its value and will just have to work with it. The lifetime guarante from Esee is a nice feature.
My 3" edc will be on my belt. This guy will be lashed to my pack along with my axe. when the time comes to put together a campsite, build a shelter, baton wood, it can go on my belt
Went to to look at mods for the sheath and optional handle configurations. This knife is the perfect addition to round out my gear. fits in right between my sharp little 3" edc that I use for birds, & fish, and my axe I can't wait to get in the woods and put this thing to work.
nice job massdrop.
I have this knife, and it's awesome. The powder coat can get in the way sometimes, but other than that it's one of the best field knives I own.
My edc is a 3" blade, but there are times when a heftier knife is called for. I've been looking for one of these for a long time. I was on the fence about what color coating to get. But since i waited so long, there's not many choices left. That made it easier to order the knife in Venom Green. I'm not keen on any coating. But. I have a tendency to put down my tools. They get covered up, and then I can't find them unless they are staring me in the face. This color will stand out in the leaves and brush. I'm excited to finally have one of these knives.
Yes I can buy the same knife elsewhere for around the same price or a bit lower. After reading Jonas's explaination, all things being almost equal, I choose to support MassDrop. They don't always get it right, but this time they are close enough.
Just started getting hooked up with the knife collecting bug...! This is my first Esee, and the 6 - after reading online/youtube reviews. Looking forward to owning one!
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Thanks for the tip, Jbdjembe! Inspirational review from T.D.; surely prompts me to field-use the Esee, & not just display-collect it! ",
Any time, he's my guy for bags and blades, there's a few more guys as well..