ESEE Candiru Fixed Blade Neck Knife w/ Kitsearch

ESEE Candiru Fixed Blade Neck Knife w/ Kit

ESEE Candiru Fixed Blade Neck Knife w/ Kit

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I would highly suggest that everyone keep this Candiru away from your urethra. Devastating results it will have. ūü§™

This is one of those knives that you look at and think "What the crap, it's how much for two inches of 1095 steel?" But after the sticker shock, I've really enjoyed having this knife. It stays out on a tabletop where my current rotation pile sits. Actually less of a "rotation", and more of a "what mood am I in?" pile of knives. Almost always carry flat in back pocket. When I got mine, the included sheath for knife only was a fold over Velcro nylon. Worked if you never needed quick use of. Much slower to get access to than a slip joint. And it really didn't like the thickness of the added handle slabs. The plastic slip cover is much more usable.

I made my own sheath with a tiny peice of Kydex, and a little leather. It can be carried in either direction on belt. The leather is removable with simple Chicago screws through the Kydex eyelets. But I just leave the leather on, and slip into my back pocket. Flattens out and carries nicely. The Kydex and leather together is not quite as thick as the Micarta handles, but close enough to keep a uniform shape in pocket. And the addition of the Micarta handles makes the grip just about perfect for a tiny knife.

The kit was one of those things that looks interesting, but after taking a look at the one I got with my Izula, it went into a drawer and I've never bothered with it since.

I also suggest keeping a small amount of oil on the exposed edge if you don't like the look of rust. Probably mineral or olive oil if used with food. I usually just give an occasional swipe with one of my gun rags. So probably mostly CLP.

Why is this blade named after a fish that can swim up your urethra and get stuck in there due to spikes. I dont scare easily but anything related to candiru just makes me want to flee to outerspace.
The ESEE Candiru is named after a nasty little parasitic fish that is native to the Amazon River. The fish is small, just like the knife it is named after, but both are tough as nails.
TKC has this for $15 less and you don’t have to wait. Getting tired of massdrop pricing.
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TKC has the kit for $54.95
Or get the knife and sheath for $44.95
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