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ExOfficio Women's Sport Mesh Underwear

ExOfficio Women's Sport Mesh Underwear

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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You can get a 3 or 4 pack of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom sport mesh panties for $11 to $14. They are cheaper and hold up better. Try them out before spending $18 on one pair of underwear (with shipping). If you have to have Exoffici, these are all over the Internet for a better price.
This was for a 2-pack. IN NO WAY would I have joined this drop had it been $15.99 plus shipping for one underwear. Yet I received only a single one. I can get a single ex officio sport mesh from REI for $12 on sale. If you look above in the URL bar on this page, it literally says 2-pack in the URL. I have screenshotted it and would like the second pair that I paid for.
When I committed to the lower price and then a second time when that lower price was unlocked, the confirmations I received by email were for TWO pairs of underwear. But when I was charged, the picture was changed to one. Would love to know how you think this is remotely acceptable.
I agree. The url states a 2 pack still. Almost $19 for one pair is way more than I would have paid if it was properly listed.
This is in no way is a deal. With shipping comes out to over $18. This is very disappointing Massdrop. Look elsewhere folks, there are better deals to be had on the internet.
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You are looking at the wrong version. The one you posted is the standard Give-N-Go. The one in this drop is the sport mesh version. Different weave and slightly different material combo.
You are absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out. If you watch Amazon tho, you can still often find a better price than this. I'd still personally recommend patience and persistence rather than joining this drop.
How many underwear are included in this drop?
There were limited quantities available, so this drop is for a single pair so more members are able to join. BStreet
This is way too much for just one pair of underwear, more than $18 with shipping. They're much cheaper all over the Internet. I don't get itwhere are the savings?
Is this price for one pair or two ( or three)? A single pair can be purchased cheaper all over the internet - including at exofficio’s site. I’m disappointed, Massdrop, if this is one pair only...
limited quantities available must equal 2 pairs per size and color...(?!)
since (nearly) everything is sold out and only ~30 purchases have been made.
I missed the sizes I wanted so I will have to wait for the next time. Darn it!
It would be nice if the next drop of these will ship to Israel. Was disappointing to find out only at the ordering stage that this was not an option.
Doesn't seem like good options now: tried to choose the first one size small, and then there were no smalls to pick for the 2nd option?!? What the heck.
Everything I wanted sold out 3 days ago, will jump sooner next time. :(
I'm buying these for my wife and she's on the larger size of the XS. should I size up to a small?
Has anyone ordered these from Massdrop? There is a comment below about the fit on the Hipkini being off (baggy on the backside) from the ones she's ordered before. I have a pair of these and love them and will be disappointed if the fit isn't the same. Especially if I can't return them!
any idea when this is going to ship?
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

We are currently working towards a new update system to reduce confusion in the Discussion and in the interim, all future updates on this drop will be sent directly by e-mail. Please verify your email address is correct under your settings so that you receive the latest updates for the group. You can change your settings here: https://www.massdrop.com/settings/user_info

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It's been a month, can we have an update?