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Mine finally arrived after a massdrop delay AND a fedex delay. This experience really tested my patience but I'm very happy to have it now. I got the gunmetal matte. I really like the look of it. The gunmetal looks more like a warm brown-bronze than the darker gray I'm used to when thinking of "gunmetal", but it really is a good-looking pen. Very sturdy, and a good size with a sturdy clip so I plan to carry this around a lot. It does write really well. My only gripe is it is quite hard to uncap it, but I knew this was a common complaint so I knew what I was getting into. Hopefully it really will get easier. Overall I'm quite happy with it.
Side note, the cartridge it came with had a small hole at the top (not where it is inserted into the pen), so it was leaking when it arrived. Fortunately I ordered a converter so it wasn't dead in the water. Did anyone else have this? I suspect since I'm at a higher altitude the pressure change caused it to "pop" a hole in the weakest part of the plastic. Is this common with cartridges or are these just cheap quality?
I (finally) received my pen today. For the price, it was worth the wait. The nib (I have an EF) was one of the finest I've experienced from a western pen, and wrote surprisingly smoothly. The construction is sturdy and the pen is comfortable in-hand. I imagine it may be a little top-heavy if posted (the cap is surprisingly hefty), but unposted it is well balanced. For me, the biggest appeal is the color - I have the matte gunmetal version, and it is a very attractive pen.
When would the order ship? It usually takes 30 days or so to reach where I live.
Looks to be soon, I just got emailed a tracking number, so others might be getting numbers soon too.
Does Massdrop still announce here when they get their shipment in for processing? I have an estimated ship date for today, but it still shows "order placed with vendor." I hope they are not delayed, I'm getting impatient. :)
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Yeah, just saw that. That's annoying. No ETA either, just a vague delay with "if it's more than 30 days we'll tell you."
Yep, and it's getting annoyingly common in the writing community too.
Anyone else get a cancelation notice? Mine was orange with a fine nib.
Yes, just got one. Also orange with fine nib. I would have accepted a different color/nib, but I don't know if it's just that combo that was cancelled. Bummer. Too bad, because GouletPens just had these on closeout (but they're gone from there too now).
Just got one as well, ordered the blue with extra fine nib,
Hey, wasn't there still 2 days left to the drop as of 16 hrs ago?
Very nice pen, I got it as part of the last mystery box, but what I'm stuck wondering is, what is the empty cartridge for? I opened the pen and there were two in there, and I can't figure out why I need an empty one. Is it for shipping? Other companies don't do that, or is there some other purpose I'm missing due to my own ignorance?
I think it’s just a spacer for when you’re using short international cartridges, like the one it comes with.
It's not actually an extra cartridge but rather a hollow one. You can use it as a spacer with a short cartridge or you can use it to help clean the pen. Just pop it in like a cartridge and since it's hollow you can shoot water through it and out the nib for example using a bulb syringe. You can flush the pen in just a few seconds that way! (You can of course clean the pen with a bulb syringe without using the hollow cartridge, but I've found that adding it helps the process go even faster and reduces the chances of water/ink dribbling or accidentally squirting out in some random direction.)
Edit: stupid auto-correct.
awesome price for this pen. I paid 40 bucks for it and regret my purchase of lamy safari and pilot metro.
Where is this made?
I believe F-C manufactures plastic - body pens in China with their higher end ballpoint and brush pens made in Peru and fountain pens in Germany.
Regardless of where its manufactured, this is a fantastic pen!
Echoing the praise this pen deserves. I was on the fence through several drops and finally bought one this summer. It has an excellent weight unposted and writes smoothly. My hands can be a little sweaty at times, but it this has not been the issue I thought it might be. The only small issue is that there seems to be some ink getting out of the space between the nib and the grip section. I think the nib section might need to be pressed in, but haven't tried pushed too hard for fear of damaging nib. Anyone else have this issue?
I was just about to buy one as a gift then saw the drop and got excited, then I saw the ship date and was sad.
These are great Pens. FC makes some of the best and most consistent steel nibs available. I would caution you that the nib sizes run larger than expected and if you like a fine an EF will probably be a better choice.