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Got my pen! Wow, as a avid pen collector, this will be my work horse for me in my design business. Need to get another one!
what's the price of this when it goes live usually? does it ship to Canada?
About $85 Base US + $30 for the Oak Version.
My orange Ondoro fountain pen arrived last week and after 4 pages of writing the fine nib has smoothed out perfectly. Beautiful looking pen, the cap is very heavy so I write with it off, whereas the body is light and feels perfectly balanced in my hand. Very glad I finally picked this one up.
Can anyone explain if this pen 's body/section strong? I seem to have gorilla hands and have cracked my pen sections... also, is the material slippery? I like my TWSBIs but they're so slippery after a few minutes of writing.
Received an email stating my Ondoro was delivered yesterday. Since yesterday was 2 days before the estimated ship date, I am a actually hoping the email was in error. I didn't receive my pen yesterday. Did anyone else get the actual pen early? EDIT: actually, it is here! I was fooled by the FedEx email sender. when I looked at the details, II saw it was transferred by FedEx to the USPS for delivery. Owing to torrential downpours yesterday, we had an unusually late mail delivery.

It's lovely, but the wood feels dry. I'm debating whether to rely on handling it to smooth and gradually oil it, or using a dab of lemon oil occasionally. Any thoughts?
Recommendations for treating the Faber Castell wood pen body were discussed recently on the Fountain Pen Network Forum and it was the general consensus that Bees Wax is the safest and most effective product for treatment and maintenence of the pen bodies.
Thank you! As it happens, I haven't tried any kind of treatment yet so I'll be sure to get some beeswax. And will go visit the FPN as well.
Is there somewhere you can get replacement nibs for this pen? I'm trouble deciding on a width and don't want to be stuck with the wrong choice. I see some replacements for other F-C models online but not the Ondoro.
Aren't they the same nibs? CMIIW
Received my new Ondoro in Graphite and Medium nib yesterday. Inked it up with some Noodler's Libertys's Elysium and Wow! Very happy with the feel and the nib. It's warm in the hand, nice size and shape to the section, long/large enough to use unposted, which is not normal for my hand. This is my first Farber-Castellated pen, and everything I've read about their nib quality holds true. This is a beautifully smooth, juicy Nib. Honking great line.
Only quibble is that, for a snap cap, the hex shape requires that you have to very carefully align to cap. Just an observation, certainly not a huge gripe, as most people are careful when capping their pricey pens anyway.
Most pleased with this pen, and certainly my new daily writer (for now).
I'm looking forward to receiving my fist F.C fountain pen. I have the e-motion ball and roller pens but never got comfortable with the shape or balance of those. I liked the graphite Ondoro best but it was not available in EF so i bought an F. Can anyone comment on the difference in performance between an EF and a F nib?
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Calamus, thank you for the great article. I guess what I was more precisely asking is for anyone's personal experience with the difference between the EF and the F for this brand. As can be seen in this chart ( the stated difference between an EF and an F line width varies by manufacturer. I cannot find a specification for F.C. Moreover, my experience with Lamy Safari nibs is that Lamy lacks control over line width - an EF nib can write like a EEF or an F or anything in between. Do enjoy you new pen - I understand they are getting ready to ship!!
Goulet Pen has a writing sample for both EF and F for Faber-Castell. Not the same model, but it's still worth to check it out:

Incredibly good price on this pen! I have the Graphite pen from a previous drop and it's one of the best pens I have. Writes like a dream and very well built. Hard to beat Faber Castell pens.
Any chance you can get more of the
Orange in broad.
Many positive reviews and very tempting indeed.. Hate when I "just" order a pen and then something nice pops up on Massdrop. Ain't that the way it goes !
For what its worth, I find my Ondoro to be a much better writer than my Lamy 2K...

The only two drawbacks to this pen (if you can even call them that) is that it feels top heavy if posted and the chrome cap can get a bit smudgy.

Well worth buying if you're on the fence!
I'm with you. I tried really hard to love the Lamy 2k with different size nibs, however, they just don't work for me. FC ondoro wooden version is a better option
FYI, the nibs on ondoro and loom are interchangeable :)