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Fallkniven F1, A1 & S1 PRO Survival Knives

Fallkniven F1, A1 & S1 PRO Survival Knives

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101 requests? I’m waiting for this to drop again...
This is a real good deal, but I want a leather sheath. Also, the pro is overkill for the glamping I do. I'm waiting for the non-pro version of the S1 with a leather sheath to drop in the next few weeks or I'll have to order elsewhere.
Ship to Australia!!
Wow. Cheep plastic sheath too. Great knife at maybe half this price. Two words; Bark River.
Might want to learn more about knife and handle materials before calling it cheap plastic. This knife is designed for function, not fashion. High grade thermoplastics like Thermorum and Zytel are very tough materials, and not cheap in any way. They actually probably could have made more profit per knife by using wood.

Exactly. This is more of a survival knife, made with materials that don't need too much taking care out in the wild. Leather sheaths can be superb, but in time they might have issues.
This is the price for all 3, right? The F1 can be found online for around $125.
you're not comparing apples to apples; this drop is for the pro models, which have better steel than the standard models and comes with a presentation case and whetstone.
Not at these prices. The A1 sold out during the last drop so I didn't get one. Now it's $70 more expensive. I can buy all three knives on-line at several reputable dealers for less than these prices.
I was going.to say the pricing was kind of out there but so many others already have ;)
Fallkniven has lost their minds on pricing. They aren't worth it. Bring in some Bark Rivers.
Fallkniven pricing is ridiculous.
When this dropped last month the base price was for the S1pro and the A1 pro was + 60, now the A1pro is+130. Doesn't seem like a deal this go around
Also, the price in the previous drop for the S1 pro was $270, now it is $310. This was 1 month ago.

You can get all 3 of these knives cheaper online than this drop from reputable, known knife dealers.
I purchased the A1 pro during the last drop and was interested in the S1, but not at these prices
S1 Pro received.

Black protection box, upper is soft gray cushion form and down there is hard black form. The box feels sturdy but the edge doesn't suggest it is waterproof.

Dual-surface two-tone DC4 in leather ( judged by naked eyes and no experience with telling the differences of materials) of pouch is included. This DC4 comes with some stain on the metal (diamond) surface. It is guessed to be glue.

S1 Pro is heavier and thicker than S1. The handle of S1 Pro is thicker too but it is still not as comfortable as others ( let's say Mora). However, when S1 Pro is holding in hand, it makes you want to throw S1 Pro like flying dart. S1 feels more balanced than S1 Pro and the weight of S1 is just right of being a utility knife.

S1 Pro and S1 are all full tang knives. S1 is laminated with VG-10. S1 is more than enough Under normal circumstances. Pro is for Pros.

I like knives but I know nothing about knives, just hope the information can help others.

Pro is for pro collectors (that tin box) and or youtubwhrs.
Seems like there are no answers to the questions that have been posted here..
.perhaps they're all out to lunch.
3d (and counting) to answer a simple question. This site is becoming more and more of a joke.
I did a little more research on the manufacturer's site, it appears the pro models all come with a sharpening stone, waterproof case as well as the sheath (source: https://www.fallkniven.com/en/knife/s1pro/ )

In addition this question was asked a year ago and answered in the affirmative if you look below at the post by ISK. Massdrop's return policy is, "We only offer returns for items that arrive damaged, defective, not-as-advertised, or are missing components. "

In the event that it does not include these, I think the picture coupled with the previous answers as well as the manufacturer site would qualify this as "...not-as-advertised, or are missing components."

I think I am going to join, and if it does not include these I am going to return it based on these facts and if they don't agree I will let my credit card company take it up with them.

It would be nice if they had people that could actually do their job though.