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Ferrari Gran Turismo Automatic Watch

Ferrari Gran Turismo Automatic Watch

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Only a cretin would buy this watch.

Can you imagine seeing someone wearing this? I couldn't help but judge that person in a negative way
I had the quartz chrono version, I can say the quality of the case and dial is very good, the presentation ( box) is also excellent. Quality and design will not disapoint you at this price. The only thing I didn't like is Ferrari logo, because I'm not a Ferrari car owner, but for fans of this brand is excellent purchase.
What kind of person is this watch for?

I don't own a Ferrari, so I don't wear clothing or accessories carrying the Ferrari brand because I'm not a poseur. If I did own a Ferrari, I wouldn't wear clothing or accessories carrying the Ferrari brand because that would be even worse.
This venerable movement is off patent and has been cloned in Asia for Chopard copies on sale online. Where is this movement and case sourced? Is it the original Swiss made ETA movemen? Is it licensed by Ferrari, SA, Modena? Made by?
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Hublot does sell Ferrari branded watches, but this is not one of them.

The price not being five figures is a big giveaway...
i am not 100% on if this watch belongs to hublot but pretty sure either Hublot or Movado made this watche
since hublot has big partnership with Ferrari and Movado signed for trademark use.
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