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Fifth Sun Marvel T-Shirts

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These shirts are horrible quality. I put the "Protect the Forests" shirt in the wash 1 time and all the words came off and ruined my white shirts that were also in the wash. Total trash.
Did you try to contact support? I have two- Black Panther from this drop and Darth Vader from their Star Wars line, and both have held up well through several washes.
I did and I have to give Massdrop props for giving my account credit back for the price of that t-shirt. Maybe it was just that design or just that particular shirt that was the problem, idk.
FYI, it's cheaper if you go on their site and buy 15.96 plus an additional 20% off if you sign up for your first purchase. Better selection too!

Still shipping is only good for the US.
Just checked, shirts are $19.95 (some are more expensive).

But yep, 20% off for first-time and free shipping.
I guess the sale is over.
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