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FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

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how much was it selling for?
How many requests does it take to make the item drop?
which one is the best these, dragong fly black or schiit fulla 2 ?
Can it power Dt990
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Work with ATH-AD900X? 38ohm. Not sure what threshold is for low impedance consideration?

I notice that with these headphones and this amp, the lows are substantially more present. I had to tweak spotify EQ a bit to get a greater range, but even then, mid and high are lacking somewhat. Vocals sound somewhat muted. It is much warmer sounding overall though.
Just looked at specs on ATH-AD900X ... impedance is relatively low (as you say, 38 ohms), plus it has a relatively high sensitivity of 100 dB/mW. The drivers are pretty large (53 mm) so more material to move. But still, E10K is probably plenty good for this.

I always found the E10K to have above average bass--way more than you would expect just looking at the little thing. I was never tempted to try the bass enhancement need.

Re mids and highs, when I got better headphone amps (starting with the Lake People G109A), I realized that what I had been hearing was not truncated/missing frequencies, so much as subtle timbre cues & detail within those frequencies. Bigger amps w/bigger power supplied tended to give not just more detail, but also fill in each instrument's sound, compared to the E10K.

That includes the bass. While the E10K has good extension and impact, it's harder to hear those subtle harmonic/timbral differences between instruments on it (ie, electric string bass sounding very different from acoustic string bass vs synth vs marimba bass, etc).

I've never been into treble, you know, the kind of "air" that goes up to 50 kHz. I suppose the E10K would fail to go as high, or with the subtlety, of bigger/badder amps known to "do treble" with great finesse.

I never played around w/the 3.5mm line out, to check whether the "sound" of the E10K was more due to DAC or HP amp.

Still, we're talking about a ~$75 DAC/amp smaller than a pack of playing cards. It helps to keep a sense of perspective here...
Now if it only had a soothing red light instead of a blue. For work and on the go.
Since it ended so soon does that mean they will be shipped sooner?
Has this sold out already?! It is saying inactive for me.
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Thanks for the reply. Rats, I'll have to be quicker next time then lol!
Yes, I tend to commit at the lowest price just incase this happens and it sells out quickly.
Would this be recommended for AKG K240 MKII?
Does anyone know how much it would cost to cost to import this produkt to germany, if possible in Euros
Would be kind if helped me
Shipping ( which takes about a month after a month of waiting) + taxes + import fees...
Bought one from Amazon UK shipped within a week for 65€ (no additional costs).
Just because I can't tell from the pictures - is this a 2.5m or a 3.5mm jack? Just curious if I'll need an adapter.
It's just a regular headphone jack. Like the one on your pc / laptop
Anyone on the fence about ordering the 10K on Massdrop--just do it. Don't think twice. For one thing, it's best price I've seen. For another, this is an extremely useful DAC/amp that sounds pretty good, has surprising power, and offers lots of operational flexibility. A year and a half ago, when I got my 1st pair of headphones and had no knowledge of headphone amps, I got this, hoping it would work. It certainly did work. My first taste of headphone audio came through the 10K.

Later on, I started upgrading DACs and headphone amps, and like anything else, when you spend more, you get more. But I still use the 10K; often, for extended burn-ins of a new headphone on back-up computer; also for when I travel (this + laptop + headphone = all you need). These days, when I listen to the 10K, I never think, "That's not very good." I just listen to music & forget it's even in the chain...

I wouldn't use this amp for planar headphones, or high-impedance models (300-600 ohm). But for everything else, it gives a very good account of itself IMO.
I'm currently using the e10k as a dac only, and splitting the lineout into my headphone amp and speakers. I would like to ask you how does the e10k compare to other products in the same price range in terms of dac performance only. Would there be not much of an improvement unless I change to a dac that costs much more?
Fio a5 is better
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You know your math smart man...
Ummm... the a5 doesn't seem to have a built-in DAC, the E10K does, and the stand-alone performance of the DAC is quite good. I've had mine for 2 years and only stopped using it because I got a Chord Mojo... and yes, the Mojo also sounds better than the e10K but it also costs 5 10x more than the e10K.
The e10K is quite the bargain.