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The alta HR comes in small and large sizes. Which one is this drop for? Or can I choose the size too?
You can choose options when you click 'Join Drop' but it looks like only the large sizes are being offered.
Thanks for your reply! Looks like it won't be right for the wife.. oh well...
I've had the Alta HR for a few months now. Everything is great except for the heart rate monitor. It's very inaccurate. I purposely purchased this to track my HR so that disappointed me. But if you don't care about HR, this is a great product.
isn't the charge 2 a higher model than this?
The Charge 2 and Alta HR have most of the same functionality. The Charge 2 includes steps climbed, GPS, and a few other small features. I've only used the Alta but I really love the form factor
Well I was asking because the charge 2 was cheaper
Fitbit doesn't say that this model is shower proof on their website like they do in this discription.
For that price I would like to swim with it.
isn't fitbit going out of business?
No, that's Jawbone
Oh boy, that 2% potential savings!
They still haven't fixed MSRP which makes me wonder if they are selling the Alta or the Alta HR honestly. Very weird to me that Massdrop hasn't fixed this since adjusting the MSRP would make this look like an actual deal, and not like they're selling the product at MSRP. @massdrop where you at?? They'd probably sell way more if they did adjust it...
I got my wife an Alta for her birthday two years ago, and it was such garbage that I vowed to never again purchase a Fitbit device. Buyer beware.
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I'll do that. Let me know how the fanatical pedantry works out for you.
I've found the Alta HR to be rather accurate with regards to steps, heart rate, and sleep tracking (which is now automated)
Looks like someone done goofed- the Alta HR is not the same as the Alta (Alta HR tracks heart rate, original Alta does not, hence the HR). The Alta HR has an MSRP of $149.99, and the Alta has an MSRP of $129.99, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra money just to track heartrate, especially with it being pretty easy to find the original Alta on clearance right now.
Why is MSRP lower than massdrop price lol
EDIT: ok, hang on
alta hr msrp isn't even that low, it's $149.95 (
lol it's like they're not even trying. no wonder they've only sold like 5
I’m learning that most all tech stuff that Massdrop offers is not worth backing. It’s not really a bargain and in many cases you can get it cheaper else where.