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Force of Will: New Dawn Rises Booster Box

Force of Will: New Dawn Rises Booster Box

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Bringing Balance to Force of Will

Enter a world where Gods and Demons wage war across an endless landscape. As a hero of Valhalla, you must make a pact to trade your soul for new powers, utilize unknown magics, and work to change the tides of fate. The New Dawn Rises booster box marks a return to Valhalla. After collecting player feedback, power levels between Rulers have been balanced. Rulers are now independent of booster boxes and can only be found in the five new starter decks. These Rulers will also have unique cards called Runes, which will be adjusted for power later on based on the frequency of usage at tournaments to further balance the game.


Force of Will is a two-player game with a number of winning conditions. In a turn, there is a draw phase, a recovery phase, a call phase, a main phase, and an end phase. There are four main types of cards that make up a player’s deck: Magic Stones, which produce Will that can be used to pay off card costs; Resonators (monsters); Spells; and Additions (enchantments). Players begin with 4,000 points. If a player fulfills a losing condition, they concede victory. If a player runs out of cards in their draw pile, reduces their health to 0, or forfeits, the game ends.


  • Players: 2
  • Playing time: 30 min
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up


  • 36 booster packs of 10 cards, each containing at least 1 foil 
  • Bonus box with sealed format Rulers, Basic Stones, and Promo Cards
  • 1 limited PR card


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