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Where are these coming back? It's been a while.
please bring these back - I finally saved up for one!
When is the next drop?
So a general question for someone that has both the Emu Teaks and specifically the TH-X00 PHs which one is better..bass quality and quality specifically but also overall clarity. Ive heard most people say the Emu teaks are better but noone ever directly compares them to the PHs.
Hey guys, I've decided to sell mine as they've been sitting in the box for too long. I'd like to get 420 USD but I am open to offers. The price includes shipping via FedEx Home Delivery in the US. They have literally about 3 hours of use. Let me know if you're interested and we can exchange email addresses.
Hey. I'd send you a PM, but I don't know how. Contact me.
Hey there. I don’t think there’s a pm function available. You can email me at
Any idea on when these will return?
Hey, I'm selling mine if you're interested. Still in great condition, in box. Only have about 3 hours of use.
Any update on shipping?
If anyone is looking for pads I can happily recommend the th900 Fenestrated Sheepskin pads from Dekoni. Unlike the hm5 lambskin they barely alter the sound signature (imho hm5 lambskins make the headphone sound muddy and shrill) however the Dekoni isolate less and leak more noise but they retain the clarity and impact of the stock pads with much better comfort
-also the Attenuation ring is not needed.
I’m completely new to high end headphones. so would this be a good fit for my Oppo HA-SE?
If you want to get into hi-fi, you are looking at the wrong product. This is more of mid-fi headphones.
Hi, i have Denon AH-D7200 how different would the TH-X00 sound in comparison ?
I listen to bass heavy music a lot, should i rather get the TH-X00 or the TH900 ? Thanks :)
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I use it as it is. No change of pad. I have normal ears and they don’t touch my ear as some people say. I would think those people have elf ears protruding outward. Stock pads fit me fine and I don’t want to alter sound with change of pads. It sounds great as it is. you can feel the sub-base rumble. It is both fun and analytical if that makes sense. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. I don’t feel mid is recessed. With the base as good as it is, one would think it will affect mids and highs; but it sounds right to my ears. I also have Sennheiser HD800S and use IE800 as in-ears so I have good source to compare with.
Have those same caps, gaudy as helol to some, but they do very cool things with RGB reflections!
Which Fostex model is hidden under the code name TH X00. If it is not exactly what model they are close to? Thank you in advance for your answer.
They use the same drivers as 600's and 610's, but they sound different, the are not close to any of fostex original headphones.

The changes in sound signature appear because of different cup materials and size, different density of foam tuning inserts, different shape and acoustic transparecy of pads, presense or lack of cup dampening and attenuators.

In fact this is one of the best headphone designs for tuning.
Thank you have a nice day