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Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Purpleheart Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Purpleheart Headphones

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In the original product proposal to Fostex, yes...removable cables were requested.
Though It was in the original requirements, it didn't make it into the original version of the TH-X00 as Fostex is very methodical and careful.
They spent years working on their removable cable system to make it their version of perfect. They could have done it in a few weeks, but it wouldn't have been a true Fostex solution.
Removable cables for the TH-X00 line is one of those features that the community never stopped pushing for and we never stopped requesting.
This feature is so important to the community and to the headphones, that we renamed them: TR-X00 (The “R” is for removable.)
If you haven’t been following the journey of the first Mahogany version of the headphone into the Purpleheart and Ebony wood variants, we offer three different wood types for different aesthetics and slight sound signature variation.
However, since launch- the most requested (demanded!) change has been the ability to remove or swap cables.
Why? I’m so glad you asked!
If you develop any issues with the cables over time, you can replace them. If you need a specialized cable to connect to gear or wish to have a personalized cable, you have options.
(In the discussion comments which follow, please let us know if you modified your TH-X00 to accept removable cables and how you are using them now…Matt Takaichi is paying attention and sourcing cables for the community.  We’ve transferred the comments from the original headphone drop pages so that none of your contributions have been lost.)
Thank you for your support of this headphone, it has been a true success due to community feedback and participation.
FYI, this latest change is the only one that we have planned for the series, we don’t have any other surprises on the horizon at the moment.  (I know somebody is going to ask me!)
For now, the time has come and the TR-X00 is available for ordering on June 1st!
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Questions: How do we get this cable, but in a 3.5mm jack version? What is the name of the planar Magnetic headphones that Fostex makes? I thought these were the Massdrop version of the TH-600 with removable cables, which are Planar Magnetics, but these look to be just plain old dynamic drivers?
These are MD versions of the TH610, which features the same 1 T dynamic biodynamic driver. The same driver technology is used but with a more powerful 1.5 T motor in the flagship TH900/909. Fostex planar mags are the 'Regular Phase, RP' series, the T20, 40, 50 and 60 RP. A few years back they did put an RP into the TH premium form factor, which is the out of production(?) TH500 RP - it was not too well received, I've never heard one unfortunately. MD did a few drops of these, I'd probably jump on it if they did again at a reasonable price just for collector sake. If you want Fostex planar mag, get the T60 RP - it has a mahogany enclosure and lovely full sound, stock.
How is durability? Thanks
I hope Fostex can come out with a mod kit for those of us that bought the original TH-X00s so that we can have removable cables in the same style.
Hello there, I do really enjoy THX00. Although It is not same league with TH900, it should be the best at that price range.(imo on my limited but picky headphone experience) However recently I happen to me that the hange snapped....see photo attached. Anyone here can help me to point out how to fix it? I dont really know how to take it apart...
thank you so much!!
Your best bet would be to talk to Massdrop support. Worst case, maybe Fostex can ship you some replacement parts. I'd try to see what Massdrop can do first though.
where can i find replacement parts?
I have a pair of the older non-removable cabled version. Very slight and small scratch on one of the cups. But otherwise perfect with less than 10 hours on them. Any takers for 350 USD? Comes with a case worth 35 USD. Located in Korea so takers will probably have to pay for international shipping. Selling cause I don't use them and not cause I care about the cables. I had the older D5000 which I sold a while back and had them for years without issues.
I'd be interested depending on the state of the pair and the added cost for shipping. If you want to discuss about this a bit more in depth send me an email ( Thanks!
Sent you two emails with pictures. let me know.
How do these sound compared to TH900? Anyone? Thanks
The TH900 has a more powerful driver (1.5 T vs. 1 T magnetic flux density), it is the flagship, Fostex exclusive driver whereas the TR are the same design as the Foster OEM variants (E-Mu etc). Basically the TR is a modified TH-610. Soundwise, the different TR wood variants have slightly different character (Ebony neutral, Purpleheart v shaped, Mahogony splits the difference). I only have direct experience with the TR Ebony for comparison with my TH900. The TH900 has a more pronounced V response, it has noticeably more bass, but it is also brighter and has a dip ~500 Hz. The Biodynamic drivers are good enough that they all respond well to EQing, but the extra horsepower in the 900 makes it a particularly good candidate, but also one that can requires some tonal correction for neutral sound. 
Thank you so much for such great explanation.
I would like to know what Fostex model were these based on ?
I just purchased a Pioneer XDP 300r player, which has a 2:5mm “balanced” output. I have an array of cans, including the first generation purplewoods. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket supplier who sells a replacement cord that would fit the 2nd generation and let me use them in the balanced output of the Pioneer? And, if so, any thoughts about selling the limited use 1st gen, including price? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
Periapt sells a proper balanced XLR cable with stock connectors. From there, any 4-pin XLR to 2.5mm TRRS adapter will cover the rest. This is what I do and it has worked well for a while now.
Old vs. New - Help Please :) Hey Peeps! I bought the original release Purplehearts and I do love them and they are fantastic for several genres with Electronic music being a surprise but damn they are good with their control of that tasty bass range.....BUT.... The new release have several changes, especially detachable cables. Main question is the difference between the two through all genres. I love music and the old cans help me love it more......If that makes sense :/ All comments, thoughts, guidance is really appreciated. :)
Is there anyway to get expedited shipping on these? Also, any have a estimated shipping time for someone on the east coast?
Does anyone know if the purple heart has a UV protective coating? If it doesn't the wood could easily turn dark brown over time
it will
ohh massdrop, I love your products but your shipping is so bad. its been in PA for 12 hours I live in NY... sigh I could have gotten it my self in that time XD
I haven't been on massdrop for a while. I graduated college, finally got a good job and this is my reward. I'm super excited and ill let you guys know what I think about them when they arrive. I ordered these for 3 main reasons. 1) I miss bass All these autophile headphones sound amazing in different ways but I miss some seriously good fun bass. 2) I want something thats not completly open. Things can get a little noisy sometimes so im hoping this helps some. Yes I know they are semi open. 3) because I can.
I've had these headphones for about 4 months and have been my daily drivers. At first, I was curious what all the hype was about the bass of these cans...Sure, they had decent bass, but honestly, nothing that wowed me. Boy was I wrong. After about 6-8 weeks, these suckers started producing sounds I've never heard. I can confirm the other reports that these headphones produce a bass that is unique. You feel it, without it being muddy or distorted. I can't speak for the highs being too bright, as I typically don't get fatigued with the 10kHz-20kHz ranges, but I can say that these headphones are just fun! I put on a track and get lost in it. My go to the past few weeks has been any song by Big Gigantic. The saxophone and bass play so well together on these headphones. I understand these aren't the most accessible headphones, but if you're considering these headphones, I give them a two thumbs up!
yo! about the fatiguing highs, a lot of people that own the PH apparently also dislike the HE400i. is that a valid generalization? i own the he400i and wanna switch to these for my out and about activities while also having more oomph in my music. any experience you can share?
I received my TR-X00 Purplehearts about a week ago and have been listening since then..... I.....I... just......can' If you are on the verge of getting one, do not hesitate or wait any further, you are missing a lot of than honey, and as relaxing as a single malt from the Isle of Islay sound. I am pleasantly shocked and surprised of how intoxicating these headphones sound. And there is the problem that I just don't want to take them off. To put in perspective, they are way more fun than my Grado PS 500, AKG K812 Pro, DT 770. At the end of the day we audiophiles like hearing drug addicts are searching for fun, and FUN is what you get with these headphones. In comparison my Senheiser HD6XX sound like I am locked in a closet and listening to music through the door and walls. Word of advice, just upgrade the pads to ZMF Oval Earpads Lambskin (had them for my previous uninspiring Fostex TR40 Mk3). I don't know how long a burn-in takes for these, but I am already drunk on theirs sound. Can't imagine what happens if the sound gets better than this after a let's say a 100 hours of burn-in.
Has anyone else found these extremely uncomfortable? I was seriously not expecting this sort of discomfort. The top of the headphones, the band that sits at the top of your head, is really uncomfortable. The full weight of the headphones just digs straight into one spot on the top your head. After 10 minutes or so it becomes somewhat painful and requires adjusting frequently. After an hour or so I start feel ill with the continuous pressure on my head. What can I do about it? I'm a bit taken back by this - a half-a-grand pair of cans is less comfortable than something from Walmart. What can I do about it?
Get the ZMF Pilot Pad.
Word of advice, just upgrade the pads to ZMF Oval Earpads Lambskin. The pressure from the weight will spread over slightly to the side of your head and will create better sealing and experience with increased sound stage. Satisfaction Guarantied!
I want to purchase these out of the three Massdrop Fostex, but that logo in the most elegant spot (cups) kills it for me. I wish they placed it on the headband. So sexy; love the color.
When you put them on, you tend not to look at the sides of the headphones if the logo bothers you. After all the pleasent experience is all that matter. And you get a lot of it, trust me.
Is someone willing to sell me and send me the Purple Heart Tr-00x box sticker That has burgundy lettering and white lines?
Has anyone ordered a pair of these TR-X00s and had the same bubble wrap issue of it sticking to the finish on the cups that the TH-X00s had?
That was the only thing stopping me from buying a pair of those, and I'm even more willing to buy a pair of these because of the detachable cables. But if it's still a thing with this model then I'll have to really think about it.
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Do you still have the box that I can buy the box sticker off of you?
And now you guys are just teasing ;) Thanks for the reply. Good to know people are having good experiences buying these headphones.
I've got an FiiO Alpen 2 E17K, would this be a good match for these headphones?
these headphone are known for their amazing bass and the fact that they sound great playing out of anything. Think u will be good to go!
I listen to them through my iBasso DX90 and they ROCK!!! lovely rich and sweet sound. Pretty sure you will love them with your Fiio.
My Periapt Cable just came in. I had emailed them and special ordered it. Cost me around $110 but it is so worth it. As you can see in the pictures, I got the 5ft in Red. The headphones you see in the picture are the TR-X00 Ebony. I used Plasti-Dip and painted them Red. Now I'll have to get a new Plasti-Dip red so they can match the cable. lol. Contact them at and tell them what headphones you have and they will work with you. They haven't posted this new connection yet on their website cause they are still ordering more connections. I was the first one that brought it to their attention about the connections on ebay, so I got first dibs. lol.


Just watched Zeos review of these headphones and he said the cable was not detachable. Did he just have an earlier version?
The TH-X00 does not have a detachable cable, the TR-X00 does.
Great sounding phones. One minor complaint. The cable tranmits scrapping noises to the earpieces when it moves against my clothes
Just got mine and the microphonics on the stock cable are no joke. Sounds great, though!
How do these compare to the 900 mk II?
I have heard 900 mkII ... borrowed it from my boss for two weeks and loved them. A while back had the Denon 2000. So I do like this particular signature of sound by Fostex. THe 900 mk IIs are expensive ... but after reading through some comments and the InnerFidelity review ... I am worried and confused. I am hoping someone who owns both can help me out .... please!
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Thanks for the info.
That was I just asking here. Is it really that good as th900?
The hinge on mine broke where do I redeem the warranty
Is someone willing to sell me and send me the Purple Heart Tr-00x box sticker That has burgundy lettering and white lines?
It seems to be that more people prefer the ebony model. Wby are the Ebony’s preferable to the other models? Is it preferenc? Are they inherently better? I am interested in getting one one of these, I am just trying to suss out the differences between the the three different versions( ebon, mohagony, and Purple Hear),
Purpleheart’s is supposed to sound the best from what I’ve heard from people and heard myself (against the Ebony‘s) the Ebony‘s look better to some people but are way to dark for my taste. Can’t comment on the Mahogany‘s
Hey guys, so if you want to take a shot at creating your own cables, you will need the connectors. Here is a guy on ebay that is selling them. Good luck and let me know how it goes and take pictures. These are actually the ones that will be using. He is getting them from them. Here is the link.
The correct link is:
would bass-heads enjoy this can? i listen to a lot or rap,pop,edm. thanks advance for the advice.
Probably #1 basshead cans in the planet. Hit join with confidence ;)
Custom cables for Fostex TR-X00 (Finally) Hello everyone. This is for the people who have purchased the Fostex TR-X00 headphones. As you know, they come with that very heavy and long (10ft) cable. To this date, there has never really been anyone making aftermarket cables for them. I just facilitated a process between and a company in China. does custom cables and this China company will be providing them with the connectors that are compatible with our headphones. And the best part, they fit. lol. Most people were using the Sennheiser cables but they are not a great fit and look. Once gets the connectors, they will display them on their website. They said it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks. So keep an eye out for them soon.
Any update on the possible replacement cables?
I emailed Periapt a few weeks ago, they said soon, so maybe december or early 2019
Hello TR-X00 proud owners. I have some pretty good and cool news... I have contacted and advised them of an ebay seller that is now offering connectors that are compatible with our headphones. will be contacting him soon, to try and buy in bulk. If he is able to get them in bulk, they said they will start providing a cable option for us. The moment he has them available, I will be posting back in here with the link. So basically right now he is selling the Sennheiser cables for $56. So our cable shouldn't be any more than that. Again, I will get back to you all soon.