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For the price, I agree with Zeos that the DAC part of the FX Audio6 is very good. The bass is there but not overwhelming to keep the mid bass clean and punchy. Treble is airy but not harsh. I owned about 6 or more of these FX 6 for each of my amps I have over 10 different headphone amps . I don't use the amp section so I cannot comment on the handling load. I don't use USB ports just the optical input and I love it. My source is mainly the Ipod docking with the TEAC or the Tascam doc. Spotify prime is never sound so good with the FX 6 DAC. It cannot be this good for under $70.00 on Amazon.
Wanted to summarize my findings on this unit which I own for a year or so.
USB input is no good. Use it as a last resort - if you don't have optical or coax. No drivers needed.
Supplied Power supply is not good (12V 1A) - too weak. Buy 12V 6A for ~10.
Headphone amp is very strong - I could not find headphones it wouldn't drive. I drive AKG K7xx on 10 o'clock. at 12 - it will be painful. It will drive HD6xx easily.
RCA output cannot be muted.
Optical input would not decode any surround sound (5.1 etc) - only stereo. Sux when trying to watch over the air TV. You will need proper AV receiver for that.
I was wondering if the FX Audio DAC X6 would we able to power Beyerdynamic dt 990 pro's
I already own this, I just wanted to know if anyone else does that can compare it to something they consider "better".
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Why is it better to you and what phones are you using ?
I use AKG K7xx, AudioTechnica m40x, AKG K550mkII (K553) and many others. I cannot explain why it is better. Hifime just sounds so fluid and enjoyable.
Not a bad starter DAC, lot's of power in high mode and sounds nicer with a NE5332 opamp.

Pins on the inside for position for more power, T50RP likey!

I'm looking for a DAC/headphone amp that will allow me to switch between my speakers and headphones. Anyone know what happens to the RCA output when you plug a pair of headphones in? I'm hoping the RCA mutes with headphones in but I can't find an answer to this anywhere.
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headphones and powered speakers connected to this this DAC/AMP can play at the same time. So there is no switch that engages the RCA line output as it is always on when the DAC/AMP is on. Volume knob controls the headphone output only.
no automute
Why would anyone order it here, when you can for same or even less money get it on aliexpress?
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hand fanning my face, tear in my eye, why am I emotional???? - breath, phhhh...
J_D_w..... Thanks for the smile. You made my day!
Good combo, but I think everyone is just going to pay $5 more on Amazon to have it in 2 days rather than a month.
Which is better for a DT 990 600. This or the O2 + ODAC? Someone with experience
This is more powerful than the 02
Hi everyone,
I need a help ! As soon as I plugged my headphone to the x6, the sound was amazing. But in time, I realized my ear wants something and missing from my old setup, and I plugged my headphones (ath AD900x) to my Gigabyte K1 motherboards soundcard back again to detect what is missing from my old setup.

With x6, soundstage significantly narrowed down, although the sound is beafy, in some tracks and movies the lower-back ground-environmental sounds, that needed treble to come up, are subdued. It is bothering me. Is it my unit (maybe defective) or is it the normal sound character of x6 ?

EDM, Hip-hop tracks are way better than my on-board audio (Realtek alc1150 gigabyte k3 z170) . The sound is more like melow, lush, vinly-like, warm, thick and not harsh, more bassy also. The brightnes, edgy sound of my alc 1150 is completely gone. I mean I like it, but the texture of sound, the details are gone. So, what I'm hearing is right ? or my unit is defective.

It is so strange, for example; a man talking=loud, thick, bassy ---- a gun blasting=nothing . Channels may be defective ? It's kind of wrong. some frequencies sound way louder than others. In fact low ends and lower mids are way dominant than upper mids and trebles.

By the way the diffrences are day and night. I'm not talking about small characteristics. My other amp/dacs weren't that diffrent than each other including my on-board audio. (e10k, k3, smsl) . I'm confused.

What are your experiences in this aspect ?
I have pretty good MB sound (8 channel). I can tell that FX6 sound is much cleaner and lows are deeper. I sometimes cannot use FX6 as it is taken audio center duties for movies/tv/etc. So I plug K7xx directly to PC. Mneehh. FX6 is better any time.
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