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GateKeeper Halberd Wireless Computer Lock

GateKeeper Halberd Wireless Computer Lock

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When it says "Military Grade Security" but then you remember a 15 year old hacked into a US military satellite
Just bullshit marketing wank. Over time I've learned to ignore that and just do my own research.
No info on system requirements? Does it work on all operating systems? How well is Linux supported?
This works great and very seamless, if you have the bluetooth range. If I use it on my desktop i have to have it on my desk (with their dongle 1 ft away in front of the monitor) and for my laptops built in bluetooth i have to have the key ON the laptop. Forget about it being in your pocket under a desk.
So how is this different from the last model of Gatekeeper that I got last time it was on MD?
The GateKeeper Halberd comes with a new firmware which makes it more response to the users movements, we've completely redesigned the form factor of the device making it more durable. The sealed casing makes it water resistant and it also comes with a bigger battery that lasts longer.
My Halberd arrived from the most recent drop (March 2018) and I would recommend using the Windows 10 Bluetooth settings versus the included dongle as the range is MUCH farther with your laptop/desktops internal bluetooth chip. It works as advertised even though it took a few tries to get everything to pair.

I keep the "key" on my belt loop and I haven't experienced any accidental locks. I'd recommend this drop if it comes around again.
I wish my experience was as positive as yours. On Windows 10 and using Bluetooth, it locks randomly while I am working. Haven’t had the free time to troubleshoo, so for now it’s disconnected and sitting on my desk, looking quite sad.
We appreciate you putting in a good word for us. In an attempt to reciprocate the sense of appreciation we'd like to offer our new Android app GateKeeper Trident. Let me know if you'd like receive a free download.
What the heck. I'll give this a whirl.

Can't be any worse than using my phone as a BT proximity lock (battery? I don't need no stinkin' battery!), and it sure as heck can't be worse than Apple watch unlock (see requirement for WiFi even when on copper/glass).
I own an original GateKeeper.
It's connectivity is not stable unless you put it very close to your PC/notebook.
I've noticed many times it was locking my PC when I was just moving on my chair a bit, even with maximum distance set.
Finally I got rid of it as it's not so helpful and I often struggled to unlock/lock my PC.
Hope this new product is much better.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. I assure you that we've fixed all the bugs that were making the technology unreliable. Also, we've recently included a new kit in our offering that includes a USB extension cable and a retractable reel waist clip to wear the GateKeeper key around your waist. This kit helps maintaining a direct line of sight between the USB dongle and the key and improves the accuracy tremendously. Let me know if you'd like to try one.
Unless this is tying into Windows Hello, it sounds like there's a USB dongle that now has my Windows password stored in it to type to log me in. That's definitely secure. /s

Alternatively if it acts as a Smart Card that works, but would still require AD-integration to be worthwhile.
We're in-fact in the final phase of manufacturing the new GateKeeper Smart Badge that can unlock doors as well as computers. Active directory integration is a feature offered in our Enterprise application. You can install it by creating an account on our website -
As an IT professional, while that sounds cool, it doesn't give me a whole lot of information about what's going on under the hood, and while I understand that may be "trade secrets", you have to understand that trusting a security "black box" doesn't inspire confidence.
Can one key be paired with more than one computer?
According to their website it can be.
Absolutely, you can pair your one key to as many computers as you like. Since, no information is stored on the key fob it gives the use the ability to pair to multiple computers. Just make sure you've the GateKeeper application installed and a GateKeeper USB dongle plugged into each computer.
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