Gigabyte Force K83 Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Gigabyte Force K83 Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

Gigabyte Force K83 Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

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i dont get it, Amzon is selling the same KB for the same price so how exactly is massdrop offering better price.
Amazon is out of stock. They're probably looking to do the same thing as massdrop and shipping around the same time
I'm in for one, always wanted to try Reds
Why didn't they do a drop on a G413 ?
Sadly, the thing I won't buy it, is the keyboard hasn't brown switches.

This one is better by far
Look for "Gofreetech" on Amazon. It's and 87 key with brown switches, rgb back lighting, and very well made for $34.99
Why is this keyboard so inexpensive?
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Thx for info.
It's not that poor, the build quality is solid, just the stabs are rattly garbage and need lube.
The keycaps wear off quickly too and the legends are very likely thick pad printing.

I have a K81, which is this keyboard with Kailhs.
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