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GK64 Custom Mini Mechanical Keyboard

GK64 Custom Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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Does the keycap set include all the extra keys for customization like shown here <https://kbdfans.cn/collections/cherry-profile/products/cherry-profile-sakura-keycaps-126keys>?

No, it just includes the caps that cover the board.
I have the wood/carbon fiber version of this keyboard and I hate it. I truly, truly, hate it. I would not recommend it to anyone.

I wrote a more detailed review on Geekhack which I'll link to here:
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I think your review hit all the points I feel uncomfortable about this keyboard while I got a normal version of it, not the carbon fiber plate. The switch is still very easy to fall out compare to my other keyboard.
Even though I can work around with most of the negatives, I have to let it go after a month since I cannot get used to the 1U shift key. It really hurt my pinky finger and I also hit the up key instead of Shift like 35% of the time.
This guy gets it. I had a similar issue to your spacebar issue on my KBDFan 75, but happening with my L-Shift. Drives me nuts.

There's just NO WAY to fit arrow keys into a 60% layout without sacrificing the lower alpha row positions, removing the ?/ key, or messing with the shifts in a way that makes it unbearable to use.
Is this a kit or is it pre-assembled ?
It's pre-assembled.
So how easy is it to replace the stabilizers?
It's quite easy to do that, You can basically disassembly the whole things to separated out the plate and the PCB. Thus changing the stabilizers is just a matter of unscrewing everything.
is there a way to only get the keycap? :)
Yup! They are available at KDBfans here: https://kbdfans.cn/products/cherry-profile-sakura-keycaps-126keys
Does this keyboard support splitting the backspace into two keys?
Is that a 1U right shift?
yep. And the left Shift is like a 2u
Is there any way to determine which backplate will be used?
I am interested in the wooden case option, however in the pictures it appears the cherry blossom option comes with a carbon fiber plate, where the aurora appears to come with a metal backplate.
Any idea on what backplate will come if I ordered the wooden case without keycaps?
Does anyone know how much it was during the drop?
$169.99 with the wood case. $149.99 without.
Is there a download link for the software to customize the keyboard?

Edit: I found it but be careful using the 3rd off line section. I thought I nearly bricked my keyboard or something because it kept disconnecting and reconnecting when I went to that section but it works. The program itself feels janky and I just set the colors to white because I really don't want to mess with it after the initial scare.


Where I got it from: https://kbdfans.myshopify.com/collections/keyboard/products/gk64-mechanical-keyboard-64key?variant=41021830669
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It's not so much that the keyboard is bad. It's more that the software makes it difficult to do things that wouldn't be difficult with other keyboards. Stuff like having to run the software in the background, or having to plug in a second keyboard to input keystrokes, makes it seem like the people who wrote the software weren't mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. There are excellent community-developed alternatives like QMK or TMK that they could easily have used instead of writing their own lame software.

As far as using the software, I haven't played around with the LED stuff. Other people have said it's difficult to use, but it should be possible to figure it out.

If you aren't planning to program the keyboard (switch keys around or program your own function layer), you don't need to worry about that. Since it's your first keyboard, you may not have expectations about what you should or shouldn't be able to do. For me, not being able to map Function to Caps Lock with the first version of the software was frustrating. That was eventually implemented, but the newest version of the software wants you to switch layers, rather than using a momentary modifier. If none of this means anything to you, then you don't need to worry.

What was frustrating about the GK64 for me (and for other people whose comments I read) was that I wanted to set it up the same way I had set up my other keyboards. The software made that impossible in some cases and unreasonably difficult in others. The frustration really came from expectations I had from using other keyboards though. I guess this was a really long-winded way of saying that because it's your first mechanical keyboard, you'll probably be happy with it. You'll just be happier with whatever you get next :)
Solid response, thank you! It sounds like I won't have a lot to worry about. But I hope it ends up working out for the real enthusiasts out there.