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Does anyone know how much it was during the drop?
$169.99 with the wood case. $149.99 without.
Is there a download link for the software to customize the keyboard?

Edit: I found it but be careful using the 3rd off line section. I thought I nearly bricked my keyboard or something because it kept disconnecting and reconnecting when I went to that section but it works. The program itself feels janky and I just set the colors to white because I really don't want to mess with it after the initial scare.

Where I got it from:
Will this drop come again within a year?
Got my shipping notif, thanks massdrop team!
And does this support usb-c to usb-c?
According to @lifeonadklein's post from a week ago, no:
Not "true" usb-c. Only connects to USB-A, will not connect to other usb-c devices such as new MacBooks."
really good value it seems. Curious any usage experience, guys?
Hi all,

I planned to buy this keyboard without key caps. Would the key caps from kbdfans here would work?:

I see that on the 2 key caps options in the massdrop options that you do not see any letter/digit/symbol underneath the key cap. However, on the kbdfans key caps, there are present.

I am accurate saying that the key caps from kbdfans will work with the Function/Shift operation to get access to the letter/digit/symbol?
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I want the cherry blossom keycaps but not the board. Can I pay you $20 to get the caps and have you send it when it ships in May?
Sorry. I already ordered without keycap. BTW, it is $30 not $20. The text says $20 but at checkout it is $30. Then you would need to add $10 for shipping. I suggest that you ask other members but be ready to pay $40-$50...
Does this keyboard have NKRO capability?
Yeah I think it does but anything past five is good
where can I get keycaps for this layout aside from the set on kbd fans?
Here at MD, for example:

Any Groupbuy starting around $100 for base and modifiers should be fine.
You may have to look for childkits to cover the 2u and 1u shift and the 1u modifiers at bottomrow.
The trashcan (delete) may need a novelty or not correctly labeled keycap if you stick to this layout.
Looks like Samuri set should be ok
I just leave this picture as answer to my own question.
Is there a software for Mac OS?
No, not to my knowledge.
You would need access to windows at least once, like virtual machine, family, friends ... to set it up to your liking.

an important question for me, is the Fn key still fixed or free to reprogramm by now?
Right Ctrl/altgr has to be next to the spacebar for me, otherwise i would mistype all the time typing ä, ö, ë ... with Eurkey layout.
I've found that information at reddit, but its seven month old.

On a sidenote, i did download the software and installed it on a windows machine to take a look.
Of course the only message i get is no device connected, therefore no "preview" of options. This is absolutly fine!
But that damm software does autostart every reboot, looking at startup in the taskmanager, nothing can be found to be disabled.
Looking at services, i can't find anything too, but i havn't looked to close.
This is an odd behaviour for me.