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GMK Retro Keycap Set

GMK Retro Keycap Set

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I will absolutely buy this if it ever runs again.
i've been waiting forever for this to redrop. the side printed petscii caps are my dream! please do another run!!!! <3
Massdrop, please relaunch these beauties.

It's been so long ago since we had a sniff of the legendary "Retro" colorway

Can I buy these somehow? They look awesome!
Was this drop ever alive?
Pls bring back...
I really wanted my base alphas + pro burgundy modifiers for my V60 Mini 60%. The side legends would be great for C64 emulators
Please relaunch! (as more complete set)
RIP in Pieces
Rest in piece.
Just want to verify:
If I want something to look like the second image. The TKL with burgundy, that would amount to ~$145?

I.e. base alphas + retro burgundy set.
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Don't lose your hope yet, I'm selling my lungs and my left kidney to save the drop!
I hope you can get a refund ;)
I'd rather have SA's
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GMK only makes Cherry profile caps. Signature Plastics is, I think, the only company with full SA molds right now.
I was so excited to see this surprise drop until I realized it wasn't SA. They would be worth the SP wait.
Without the knowledge and admiration of Commodore 64 (or a quite deep knowledge of community keycap history), Retro will be just a more expensive and less layout support of Chocolatier. And whoever love chocolate color already bought Chocolatier, even not yet receiving theirs. So...

And don't forget the lack of IC 🤔
I'm waiting on my Chocolatier, and I really really want a set of these retro keycaps. But I would want them as SA profile. I've already bought 2 set ofs >$100 keycaps this year... my budget is up unless they are SA... then I'll make a plan.
I think this is more retro
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Oh those hmmm maybe someday someone will make one of the same color way... let's hope but who knows
It's the right colorway to match the originals, so I guess if they ever do a C64 lookalike it will be similar.